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What Is A Love Hotel? Introducing Japan’s Love Hotels For Girls’ Night Outs

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What Are Love Hotels In Japan Like?

In Europe and the United States, the concept of love hotels is absent, a fact that often surprises people familiar with Japan, where love hotels are widespread, akin to convenience stores. The prevalence of love hotels is evident in Tokyo, where designated districts and numerous establishments cater to various preferences.

Love hotels in Japan primarily function as overnight accommodations, but they also offer rest plans for shorter durations. These plans allow visitors to stay for two or three hours or opt for an extended stay of around six hours.

The original purpose of love hotels, associated with intimate encounters, has evolved into a more recent phenomenon known as the “love hotel girls’ party.” This cultural trend involves girls gathering at a love hotel to enjoy a party together. To delve deeper into this intriguing culture, we will showcase some love hotels specifically suitable for hosting love hotel girls’ parties. Stay tuned for more insights as we explore this unique aspect of Japanese contemporary culture.

Love Hotels Have Been Around Since The 1600s!

Before learning about love hotels, let’s briefly trace the history of love hotels. It dates back to the 1600s when a culture of encounter teahouses existed. The term “meeting house” meant that rooms were rented for a fee for meetings, etc. The culture of couples renting rooms to have sex took root. From there, in 1926, with the increase in lodging facilities, the Love Hotel was born to create a space where couples or men and women could be intimate.

The Basic Use Is To Have Sex

Love hotels are facilities set up for men and women to have sex with each other. That is why the word “love” is used. The term “love hotel” has come to sound obscene and is sometimes used in the media as “leisure hotels” or “couples’ hotels.

In such love hotels, condoms are provided for having sex. The presence of condoms means that the hotel can be recognized as such. Also, as a characteristic of love hotels, they are easily recognizable at night because of their flashy lighting.

Also, there are often hotels with signs that say how much for a break or how much for an overnight stay. If you see such signs in Japan, you should assume that it is a love hotel and that a man and woman are having sex.

What Is A Love Hotel Girls’ Party?

Now that we know how love hotels are used, love hotel girls’ parties are becoming popular among young girls. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, a Love Hotel Girls’ party is a simple party held in a Love Hotel room. Some love hotels even offer a love hotel girls’ party plan. So why have love hotel girls’ parties become so popular? Because they are soundproof.

Love Hotels Are Soundproof

Love hotels are initially intended for intimate encounters, resulting in the natural occurrence of moaning and other sounds. The room designs are specifically crafted to ensure that these noises remain private and are not audible to neighboring rooms.

In contrast to business and conventional hotels, where the sounds of adjacent conversations are common, love hotels prioritize discretion.

This unique feature makes love hotels an ideal venue for gatherings of girls who want to discuss gossip or love stories without worrying about being overheard. The popularity of love hotel girls’ parties is attributed to the affordability of these accommodations, providing a cost-effective yet private space for such occasions.

One Of The Characteristics Of Love Hotels Is That They Are Expensive

Inexpensive hotels start at about 8,000 yen per night; even if the price is high, it is at most 20,000 yen. Some inns and high-class hotels charge more than 10,000 yen per night, so it is cheap, and you can experience an extraordinary feeling, which is why love hotel girls’ parties have become popular.

For those who feel that they are not satisfied at home, a girls’ night out at a love hotel is the perfect choice. If you book a plan for a love hotel girls’ party, you can stay there for only 1,000 yen per person.

Posting On Instagram

Instagram is gaining popularity among young people, and in Japan, it has surpassed Facebook to become the most popular social networking service. Some girls are taking their Instagram game to fashionable cafes and theme parks, making it a platform integral to their social presence.

The emergence of the “Instagrammer” profession highlights how individuals can post store information on Instagram, turning it into a lucrative avenue for PR. Instagram has become indispensable for young girls, with the term “Insta-eyes” chosen as a buzzword.

Love hotels have become a favored backdrop for Instagram photos due to various features that enhance their visual appeal, such as customizable room lighting and stylish walls.

Girls often utilize love hotel settings creatively, such as inflating balloons on the bed or displaying a “Happy Birthday” sign on the wall, capturing these moments for their Instagram posts.

The hashtag “love hotel girls’ night out” has become a common trend, establishing itself as a popular event among girls. While love hotels are traditionally associated with intimate encounters, their diverse usage is becoming more prevalent, reflecting the evolving trends of our diverse age.

Hotel Balian Resort Shinjuku, The Love Hotel Of Your Dreams

Hotel Balian Resort is a love hotel that is the dream of every man and woman. The reason is that the hotel is built in the image of a Balinese resort. In addition, it is a famous and popular hotel for men’s and women’s admiration and love for hotel girls’ parties.

The amenities are abundant, and a store is attached to the hotel offering esthetic treatments and head spas. It also has facilities for fun, such as darts and billiards. What is the interior like in a love hotel with so many amenities?

The rooms are spacious and equipped with tables and sofas. Since it is a love hotel, there is only one bed, but it is a king-size bed so it can sleep about three people. Also, access is effortless as it is only a 4-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

The Royal Plan is an even more spacious room popular with women’s groups. Prices start at 15,800 yen for an overnight stay plan. The highest cost is 20800 yen, so you can save a lot of money considering that you are going with several people. After having fun playing darts or billiards, you can start a girls’ night out and have a great time!

Colorful P&A, A Colorful Restaurant

As the name suggests, this love hotel, Colorful P&A, features colorful rooms. In addition, the walls of the rooms are built as if they were made of Legos, making it a love hotel that is entirely Instagram-worthy in appearance alone.

As you can see, many love hotels have ingeniously designed rooms following their concepts. Therefore, there are love hotel maniacs who visit love hotels. This is how attractive the construction of love hotels is, and that is how much they like them. This is a little off-topic, but COLORFUL P&A has even better facilities.

What’s more, there is an open-air bath, and you can even take a bedrock bath. So you can spend the whole day here, and the facilities are as good as those at a high-class ryokan or hotel.

The bathhouse was recently renovated, so you will not feel any inconvenience. Access is about a 7-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. Access is easy and very convenient since it is close to the station. However, since it is popular, making a reservation before going is safer. Usually, the advantage of this love hotel is that you can use it without a reservation.

Still, it is so popular that it is often only available if you make a reservation first. Since you can have a girls’ night out at the Love Hotel near the station, quite a few people use it. The price varies from 10980 yen for a stay in the most reasonable type A room to 29980 yen for a VIP room, but if three to four people split the cost, it will be within 10000 yen per person. You can receive excellent service for that price, which is effective.

Points To Keep In Mind At Love Hotel Girls’ Parties

Certain love hotels have restrictions on hosting love hotel girls’ parties, permitting only two individuals, one man and one woman, to enter the room. Making a reservation is an essential rule if you intend to organize a love hotel girls’ party.

Without a reservation, securing a room on short notice may be challenging, as popular rooms tend to fill up quickly. Given the high demand, particularly on weekends like Saturdays and Sundays, it is crucial to check the website regularly for availability. Due to the considerable interest in love hotel girls’ parties, it’s not uncommon for popular love hotels to be fully booked.

To ensure you can reserve a room at your preferred love hotel, it is advisable to make a reservation at least a week in advance. Additionally, if you plan to celebrate your birthday at a love hotel, be aware that some establishments may require advance notice for cake preparation. Checking these details beforehand and making necessary preparations yourself can contribute to a smooth and enjoyable love hotel girls’ party experience.

Japanese Love Hotels Are Amazing

Love hotels in Japan are becoming quite popular. Previously, they were only available for couples. Still, many love hotels are now open for girls’ parties and have ingenious interior designs. Entry is easy, and you can enter without meeting anyone, so even first-time visitors can go without being nervous. We hope you will enjoy our Japanese love hotels!

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