How To Play With Escorts
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Our escort service means that you can receive sexual services at the hotel. Although Japanese law prohibits sexual intercourse, all other services are included. Please be assured that there are no optional fees added.

\ Please Check Our Service /

\ Please Check Our Service /


Best Escorts Tokyo offers five different courses. There is no difference in the content of each course. The difference is the rank of the girls. Models, celebrities, and other people you would not normally have the opportunity to meet are in the special course. They are also ranked according to their proficiency in service and hospitality.

Regular Course

The regular course includes girls who are just starting their escort service. Of course we have strict criteria for hiring girls.

We only hire S-class girls in terms of appearance and personality.

Of course, our regular course girls are also beautiful women that you would not be able to meet in other escort services.

90mins 35,000yen

120mins 40,000yen

150mins 50,000yen

180mins 60,000yen

30mins extention 15,000yen

VIP Course

The VIP class includes young ladies from professions recognized for their looks and style, such as reader models, department store receptionists, estheticians, and Miss XXX. They are so beautiful and good-looking that you would look twice if you meet them on the street.

90mins 50,000yen

120mins 65,000yen

150mins 80,000yen

180mins 100,000yen

30mins extention 20,000yen


The girls at LUXURY are not only VIPs, but also ladies who are a grade above the rest in terms of style, appearance, and customer service. They are also more sophisticated in terms of service and are certified as LUXURY.

90mins 60,000yen

120mins 80,000yen

150mins 100,000yen

180mins 120,000yen

30mins extention 25,000yen

ROYAL Course

The girls in the Royal Course are fashion magazine models, show models, image girls for manufacturers, event companions, cabin attendants, announcers, etc.

It is no surprise that the girls in the royal course are pretty and their service is sophisticated. The girls in the Royal Course are cute and their service is sophisticated, and you can enjoy conversation with them.

90mins 80,000yen

120mins 100,000yen

150mins 125,000yen

180mins 150,000yen

30mins extention 30,000yen


The special course is for young ladies with outstanding beauty and body proportions in professions that everyone can agree on, such as so-called top models, models who have participated in famous collections, active TV personalities, and active idols.

Of course, we are not allowed to show their faces on the internet, and as in the other courses, photography is not allowed. However we will promise you will receive the best experience that you will never forget. We do not disclose the profiles of our ladies. Please contact us for more information.

90mins 100,000yen~ ASK

Why do S-class beauties gather at Best Escorts Tokyo

Best Escorts Tokyo started when the current owner, who was originally a fashion model scout, scouted the business but introduced it as a high-class delicatessen business to a young acquaintance who had a successful business as part of his modeling business when he was still unknown and unsuccessful.

Since many people who open a business in the sex industry work for a number of years as staff in a brothel and then start their own business with the female cast members of that brothel in tow, the recruitment of female cast members is inevitably dominated by women who have been in the sex industry for a while originally.

Our store started out as a real model, so word spread by word of mouth from her friends, and we attracted all the ladies who were confident in their appearance. Now we are constantly receiving applications from our website, but because of the high level of our original applicants, we do not hire girls who are just plain cute looking.

In addition to the applications from our website, we have a network of scouts including the owner, modeling agencies, entertainment production companies, and party organizers, and we are constantly receiving amateur girls with the best looks who are currently under-employed, such as models, celebrities, and party girls.

Scouts are probably calling on the S-class model beauties they see on the street today.

Our Promise

Our store is owned by the owner who has been working as a model scout for many years.

We opened under the concept of “a high-class delicatessen where you can play with the strongest Japanese S-class model beauties who can compete on a global level. We have been opened under the concept of “A high-class delivery health shop where you can play with the strongest Japanese S-class model beauties who can compete on a global level.”

Of course, we are an excellent and safe store that has obtained a certificate of registration for sex industry special business. In order to guarantee your safety and security, all escorts are inspected on a regular basis. We will continue to thoroughly manage hygiene in order to ensure that you can use our store comfortably.

We do not charge more than the amount shown on our website, nor do we charge any additional fees. Please feel free to use our services.

All of our staff look forward to serving you.