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Top 10 Hanamachi (Red-Light District) in Tokyo: Charm, Fun, and Reservations

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What kind of city do you imagine when you think of Tokyo? People strongly believe that Tokyo is on the cutting edge of development. Sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Disneyland are famous. However, Tokyo also has its Hanamachi, or flower districts, which are towns that have inherited the culture of the past. Therefore, Tokyo has a variety of atmospheres, and you can enjoy it in different ways depending on where you go.

In this article, we will introduce the top 10 Hanamachi in Tokyo.

Hanamachi is a place or an entire area where you can enjoy food and drinks while dancing and playing the shamisen (a three-stringed Japanese musical instrument) with maiko (dancers with white-painted faces) and geisha (geisha).

To enjoy Tokyo’s unique Japanese culture and food, you need to know about Tokyo’s Hanamachi. You will learn how to make reservations by reading this article, so please read on.

When it comes to Hanamachi, you must take advantage of this place! Shinbashi Enbujo, the Hanamachi of Shinbashi (Ginza)

Regarding the famous hanamachi in Tokyo, you must attend Ginza. Ginza has been renowned as a brothel since the Edo period (1603-1867), and the brothel remains today. There are also many geisha. Among them, you can enjoy a Japanese performance at the Shinbashi Enbujo, where the “Azuma Odori” dance performance is held once a year. This year, it will be held from May 24 to 27. Timing is also essential. What a historical event, this year marking the 99th time. You can enjoy the noble art of Ginza while enjoying Japanese cuisine.

Tickets will be available on March 26 at 10:00 a.m. Web: Tickets can be purchased at Ticket Web Shochiku/Confetti.

You can enjoy the supple dance and performance of Geigu, so please go.

Asakusa, famous for its old-fashioned townscape

In Asakusa, the Kaminarimon Gate is a tourist attraction that attracts many visitors. When you walk around Asakusa, you will see many tourists wearing kimonos. In Asakusa, you can enjoy performances with drums and a male geisha called abenma. There has been a narrow city strip since the Edo period (1603-1867), and it has been famous as an expensive pastime. Currently, there are about six of them in Asakusa. To make a reservation, look up “Asakusa Hanamachi” on

You will find several websites, so call and make a reservation there.

In addition, the Asakusa Odori dance is held once a year at the Asakusa Hall. The date for this year’s festival has yet to be decided.

If you visit Kaminarimon, you should go to Asakusa to experience the culture of the Hanamachi district!

Enjoy old-fashioned culture in Kagurazaka with its fashionable stores!

Kagurazaka, as the word “slope” is written in the name of the place, has a topography of a slope and is well known as an exquisite town.

With many fashionable cafes and Japanese restaurants, Kagurazaka has the impression of being a trendy town.

Jaran, a reservation website for tourists, offers a tour where you can enjoy a dinner while enjoying the art of Ozashiki.

The restaurant’s name is “Kagurazaka Shimankin,” and the price is 11,890 yen per person. It’s relatively inexpensive!

You can eat dinner while listening to shamisen and other musical performances. This is a rare opportunity to experience Japanese traditional performing arts in person.

Why not visit when sightseeing in Kagurazaka?

Akasaka, the newest part of the city, but with a taste of elegance

Akasaka is a town with many sophisticated stores that is constantly developing.

Even in such a developing town, it was once quite famous for its brothels. Even today, several stores have inherited the Japanese culture.

Although the number of geisha and geishas has decreased from the prosperous days of the Hanamachi, they are still working hard to keep the culture alive.

Some stores use Facebook to publicize their activities to remove the impression of being stuffy.

One such restaurant is Akasaka Asada, a long-established ryotei with a 300-year history in Akasaka. The two-hour tour includes dinner and a geisha experience. However, the price is 160,000 yen for two guests with one drink.

The price is quite expensive. What is the difference from the restaurant in Kagurazaka? The difference is that Akasaka has geisha and maiko. You will find that the prices vary considerably.

The food is gorgeous kaiseki cuisine, and you will be able to experience the authentic taste of Japan.

The number of geisha is the largest in Mukojima, Tokyo! 

Mukojima is located near the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Asakusa is just around the corner. Like Asakusa, this town was once a thriving brothel district and is now being marketed as a tourist attraction.

The number of geisha in this town’s whole history is over 100.

This is quite a large number today. This is the most significant number of geisha in Tokyo among the areas where hanamachi still exists. We are working on one-day group tours to make the Hanamachi more accessible to foreign tourists.

Also, you can make reservations online, so we are keeping up with the times.

We also have a Facebook page, so please check it out. If you look up “Tokyo Mukojima Hanamachi Reservations,” you will find a lot of information. Prices are reasonable, starting at 37,000 yen for two geiko. There is also a plan to have a shamisen (three-stringed instrument) performance, so why not visit?

Since it is near the Tokyo Sky Tree, it is one of the towns you should visit when sightseeing at the Sky Tree. You will surely notice the difference as the other town resembles a former brothel.

Nihonbashi, where you can enjoy Hanamachi at an affordable price

This town was called Houmachi when the Hanamachi (flower district) flourished, but it is now Nihonbashi.

The town has developed as a castle town since the Edo period, and there used to be many brothels.

Today, Nihonbashi is the center of Japan, so to speak.

Even in such a Nihonbashi, there are still remnants of the Hanamachi of the past.

The number of geiko today has been reduced to 16, but tours can be booked online.

Reservations are required, so please be careful.

We found it on the website VELTRA, so please check it out.

The namerestaurant’s name is “Hashirakutei. ” It is inexpensive at 5500 yen per hour. It is recommended because it is a reasonably priced place to enjoy yourself.

You can see authentic geiko dancing and shamisen playing up close.

The performance is available in English, so there is no need to fear language barriers. We hope you will enjoy Japanese culture.

Hachioji is the place to be if you want to enjoy a unique downtown hanamachi (flower district).

In the center of Tokyo, there are many people, and everywhere you go, you get the impression that it is crowded.

However, even in Tokyo, many quiet towns are a little further away from the city.

Hachioji is one of them.

Although it is far from the center of Tokyo, there used to be a hanamachi (flower district) there.

Even today, a hanamachi still remains.

It is called Kuroben-dori.

Today, it has declined considerably, and the number of geiko has been reduced to 14. However, they have inherited the skills of the geiko of the past and perform beautiful dances.

There are also six Ryotei restaurants, and in 2015, there was a TV drama about the Hachioji Hanamachi. Efforts are being made to revitalize the town.

If you look up Hachioji Hanamachi, you will find an ozashiki experience program. You can dance with them, and it will be a good memory. Please note that reservations are only accepted by phone.

Otsuka, home to numerous popular Ryotei restaurants

Let us introduce you to Otsuka, located in Toshima Ward, Tokyo.

It has a long history as a hanamachi, with the culture of hanamachi dating back to 1922.

The town was completely burned down during World War II, and for a time, it looked as if the hanamachi would disappear, but through the efforts of the people, it has managed to hold on.

However, thanks to the efforts of the people, the street has managed to hold on.

In the past, the street was closed to visitors only, but now anyone can make a reservation in the hope that many people will enjoy the good old culture of Japan.

However, it was still being determined whether Geiko could still be invited.

There are many ryotei or Japanese-style restaurants where you can fully enjoy Japanese food.

Otsuka’s ryotei also offers a wide selection of sake, making it an excellent place for those who like to drink.

Oi Omori is the place to go if you want to enjoy tea.

Oi Omori was one of Tokyo’s most famous flower districts in the Showa period (1926-1989).

Although the size of the area has shrunk considerably, the Hanamachi atmosphere still remains.

Oi Omori is famous for its teahouses, and at Omori Chaya, you can enjoy traditional Japanese tea while learning Japanese dance.

Japanese sweets are also served, another way to enjoy Japanese food. Prices start at 9,000 yen for an hour and a half, which is relatively inexpensive.

We have a Facebook page, so please check it out if you would like!

Maruyamacho, tucked away in Shibuya.

Maruyamacho is located in Shibuya Ward.

Shibuya is known as a town for young people, with many clubs and live houses.

However, such Shibuya used to have a Hanamachi, and the history has been preserved even today with a small number of geiko.

In the corner of Maruyamacho are remnants of the unique hanamachi, which sets it apart from the bustling Shibuya area. The Hanamachi area tends to be considered a high-class place, but this is not the case today.

The ryotei culture has remained, so there are delicious restaurants. To make a reservation, look up “Maruyamacho ryotei.” You will find many restaurants.

It is a very comfortable place where you can experience the unique atmosphere of the Hanamachi district. Please visit and enjoy a taste of Japanese culture.

Reservations are required to enjoy Hanamachi culture.

These are the top 10 Hanamachi in Tokyo.

Please note that reservations are always required.

Reservations can be made by phone or through the website.

It is recommended that you make reservations as soon as you have decided on your sightseeing schedule otherwise, you may not be able to make a reservation.

The attraction of Hanamachi is that you can experience Japanese culture.

Japan gives the impression of being a country with cutting-edge technology and development.

Samurais are also very famous to foreigners.

The culture of hanamachi, or flower streets, was created and developed in the same period as the samurai.

I would like those planning to visit Tokyo to get to know the culture of Hanamachi.

I am sure that they will be impressed with the beautiful culture.

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