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What is Onakura, a masturbation club? Thorough explanation of the contents, flow, and system [supervised by a sex industry professional].

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For beginners who are using masturbation clubs for the first time, we explain the contents and flow of masturbation clubs in an easy-to-understand manner.

What does Onakura mean? What is the system, and how does it work? I don’t know how to use or play with it,” “Can I perform fellatio or sex?” If you are a beginner in the sex industry, we recommend you read this article.

What is Onakura?


Onakura is a kind of adult entertainment in which a girl (onaclatress) gives you a hand job. The name is an abbreviation of “masturbation club,” it was initially a sex club where you could just observe your masturbation.

1. You can watch masturbation

Recently, there are more and more hand job parlors that do not offer “masturbation viewing” or “masturbation observation” as a course or free option.

Still, many Onakura is characterized by the play content that allows the girl to watch your cock or masturbation or show you the moment of erection or ejaculation.

2. You can get a hand job at a low price.

Onakura is also characterized by many cheap and inexpensive sex services where you can get a hand job for around 5,000 yen.

Onakura that only offer masturbation viewing are all dummy stores created to trick women into joining affiliated stores through false job offers, and most Onakura offers hand jobs for as low as 1,000 yen or as high as 10,000 yen.

3. Various types of business, such as storefront type and dispatch type

Sex industry terminology Meaning
Rental roomA simple version of a love hotel.

Like health clubs (fashion health clubs), masturbation clubs have a “store type” that does not charge for a room, a “dispatch type” that can be called to a hotel like a delivery health club, a “reception type” that moves from the reception desk to a nearby rental room like a hotel health club, and a “meeting up type” that meets at a designated location. There are “dispatch type” and “reception type.”

Are kissing and fellatio allowed in masturbation clubs?

Major Groups  KissingFellatio
Anpuritei Paidoption Paid OP at some stores
Karinto PaidOP at some storesNG
Teko-chan PaidoptionNG
Video de HandoPaid OPNG
Cinderella FCPaid-optionPaid-option
Hand JOBPaid-optionPaid-option Paid-option at some stores

The primary content of Onakura play is a hand job, but many stores have a system that allows soft kissing and deep kissing (DK) as paid options. In addition, some sex groups with a delicatessen as an affiliate or masturbation clubs with a high age range offer rubber fellatio and raw fellatio for an additional fee.

1. Kissing and fellatio are not available at some masturbation clubs.

If kissing and fellatio are included in the regular fee, but some masturbation clubs do not offer them as paid options, we recommend that you choose a masturbation club that gives them or a pin salon (pink salon) where kissing and fellatio are available.

2. If you expect real sex, go to a soapland.

Sex TermMeaning
Honbanbase Sex
DiscTo have sex for an additional fee
RohaTo have even sex for an introductory fee

Many people search for “Onakura Honban” (masturbation). Still, since it is challenging to find Roha or even Disc, it is more efficient to go to Soapland if you expect to have Honban in the sex industry.

Compared to Onakura, the quality of sex workers is generally inferior, but it is recommended for beginners with equally good cost performance and satisfaction.

How to use masturbation clubs | Explanation of how to choose a good one

Now that you have a brief understanding of the meaning and contents of Onakura, we will explain how to use Onakura for beginners who will play for the first time from now on, starting with how to choose a good Onakura.

If you are wondering, “I don’t know how to go there or what to call it,” or “Which Onakura do you recommend for my first masturbation club?” Please refer to this page if you are wondering, “I don’t know how to go and how to call” or “What do you recommend for my first masturbation club?

1. Choose from the most popular masturbation clubs in the ranking.

Although the hurdle to open a dispatch-type masturbation club is low, many malicious stores are operating with a single hand for recruiting or stores with a poor reputation, so we recommend you choose from the famous masturbation clubs with high rankings on significant sex industry information sites such as “City Heaven Net” and “Word of Mouth Sex Industry Information Bureau.

2. Choose from store-type and reception-type masturbation clubs

As written in “What is Onakura?” As reported in “What is a masturbation club?”, there are different types of masturbation clubs, such as store-type, dispatch-type, reception-type, etc.

If you are a first-timer, it is better to experience masturbation at a store-type or reception-type masturbation club where you can directly ask the staff to explain the system and how to use it.

How to go to and call masturbation clubs without making mistakes, even if it is your first time

Now that you have decided which sex club you want to play at, we will explain how to call and go to a masturbation club next.

I don’t know how to make a reservation, use a rental room, or get in. How long is the recommended playing time? We recommend reading on if you are a beginner in the adult entertainment industry.

1. Select a masturbator from the attendance list and photo diary.

Sex industry terminologyMeaning
FreeNo nomination
Photograph DiaryDiary in which you can see the sex worker’s self-portraits
Genjyo NameName used by the sex worker at the store

Compared to other types of adult entertainment, you have a higher chance of getting a hit even if you are accessible (no nomination), but if you do not want to make as many mistakes as possible in your first masturbation experience, please check the profile from the attendance list and the contents and photos of the photo diary to check the source name of the masturbatory therapist you are interested in.

If you are interested in the type of girl you are looking for, you can go to the store without an appointment and ask the receptionist what kind of girl works there. Of course, if there is no slot available for the type of girl you like, or if the waiting time is extended, you can just visit the panel and leave.

2. Call and make a reservation

If there is a masturbation girl you want to nominate, call the brothel and make a reservation. To make a phone call, ask, “Is XX-chan free around XX time?

If there is no girl you want to play with, you can make a reservation as free (without nomination) or go to the store without reservation if it is a reception-type or store-type masturbation club.

If you are looking for a masturbation club that can call you to a specific hotel or rental room, it is recommended that you check the official website before you make a reservation. If the masturbation club can call you at your home or hotel, ask, “Can you call me at ____?” if it is a masturbation club, that can contact you at your home or hotel.

3.Decide on the playing time and course.

When the clerk asks you about the course, tell them the type of course you want and the playing time, for example, “20 minutes of hand job course.

There are various types of play other than masturbation viewing and hand jobs, and the system differs from masturbation club to masturbation club, so you can make a reservation smoothly if you confirm the fee system before calling.

If it is your first time visiting a masturbation club, you may be worried about the time. Still, we recommend 30 or 45 minutes if you nominate a masturbator or 20 minutes if you do not nominate a masturbator.

If you are successful, you may repeat with 60 or 75 minutes (80 minutes), but we recommend you to try a 20 or 30-minute course first to see what kind of sex industry masturbation is.

4. Tell them about your desired paid options.

You can directly negotiate with the girl when you meet her. Still, some options, such as holy water (pee) and cosplay, require reservations, so if there is a paid option you want, please let her know on the phone when you make a reservation.

If you only want to watch masturbation or give a handjob as essential play, it is acceptable to tell them over the phone that you do not have any paid options.

If you meet the masturbator in the playroom or rental room and find that the masturbator is prettier than in the photo or would like to touch or kiss the masturbator, we recommend asking for the paid options.

5. Go to the store or reception desk

After completing the reservation, go to the store or reception on time. If you are going to the reception area, you should check the official website for directions to and from the reception area in advance to ensure a smooth entry.

However, many masturbation clubs have a system where you call from a designated location, such as “in front of XX” or “at the XX exit of XX station.” In this type of masturbation club, you will be informed of the rental room and the time to enter by phone, so please follow the directions of the staff.

How to play masturbation clubs | Explanation of the contents of play and the flow of services

After confirming how to get there and how to call, we will explain how to play masturbation clubs and the contents of play along with the flow of services. We will explain how to use the masturbatorium and the flow of space. Can we do the real thing or kiss?” Please refer to the following information if you are a beginner at the masturbation club.

1. Pay the fee to the waitress or masturbator

The flow of the masturbation experience varies depending on the type of business. Still, in a store-type masturbation club, you pay the fee for the course and paid options to the staff at the reception desk and then move to a private room or waiting room. After spending the price, you go to a nearby hotel or rental room, pay the room charge, and receive a key to enter the room.

After entering the hotel or rental room, call the room number and wait for the masturbator to arrive at the room. When the masturbator comes, you call the staff (incall) to negotiate any additional options, and if the masturbator is dispatched, you pay the fee at this time.

2. Take a shower alone

In many store-type masturbation clubs, you are not allowed to take a shower until after you play, but in reception-type or dispatch-type masturbation clubs, you can take a shower as soon as you enter the rental room, or you can wash yourself while the masturbation girl is changing into her uniform or costume play.

In other types of adult entertainment, such as soaps and delicatessen, it is normal for two people to bathe together, so there is no need to worry. However, since masturbation clubs are showering alone, please take care of your valuables to avoid becoming a victim of theft. Beginners new to masturbation clubs are advised not to put more money than necessary in their wallets.

3. Masturbation viewing and hand jobs

The masturbation time is short, so after you finish the preparation, you can start watching masturbation and giving handjobs as soon as possible. The primary play content of the hand job course is to lie on the bed or sit on the bed and to have a passive hand job or a hand job with lubricant.

If you are new to masturbation, please note that kissing, sucking, foot touching, and hands on the hips are not available for free. If you want to do something other than essential play or free options, add paid options or go to health clubs or soaps.

4. Wash off semen and lotion

When the timer rings, play is over. Some Onakura has a system like pinsaro (pin salon) where you just wipe with a tissue or hand towel and go home. If you can take a shower, you can wash off the semen and lotion by yourself and say goodbye to the Onakura girl and leave the store or the rental room.

The above is the flow of Onakura play. Compared to delicatessen and soap, there are significant differences in the system and usage of each store. Still, suppose you remember how to use and play the masturbation services introduced in this article. In that case, you should not have any terrible mistakes or troubles, even if you are new to the sex industry or masturbation clubs.

Frequently asked questions at your first masturbation club

After confirming what kind of sex industry a masturbation club is and what type of service it provides, we will answer the frequently asked questions at the first masturbation club. Are there any precautions or things to watch out for? Can I do without any paid options?” Please read through to the end if you are a beginner.

1. Can masturbation be performed (sex) in a masturbation club?

Soap TermMeaning
NSis an Abbreviation for no skin, no protection
NNis an Abbreviation for “live cum inside.”

As I wrote, “Are kissing and fellatio OK in masturbation clubs, and can I have sex with them? As noted in “Can I have sex with a masturbation partner? If you expect sexual intercourse with an actual number, NS or NN, it is better to go to a soapland.

2. Which Onakura do you recommend?

Onakura recommended for beginners include store-type “Video de Hando (Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Aichi)” and “2980 yen (Fukuoka)”. Conversely, we do not recommend dispatch-type masturbators for beginners, affiliated masturbators operated by a delicatessen group on a lonesome basis, or masturbators that offer hard-paid options such as raw fellatio.

3. What should I be careful about?

As precautions for masturbation clubs, at a minimum, you should be aware of malicious stores, check the official website for rules and usage, check if options are available, do not touch or kiss without paying, do not force the performer to do sexual intercourse, and keep your wallet and valuables under control.

4. Is it OK to use masturbation clubs without a paid option?

It is okay for masturbation clubs to operate without paid options. Some masturbation club girls persistently ask you for opportunities, but they will often back off if you decline, saying, “I think I’ll be fine this time. However, if the girl is the type you like, we recommend that you actively add paid options.

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