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10 Best and Unique Deliheru In tokyo

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Have you ever heard of a uniquely Japanese service called “delivery health,” or “deliheru”? It is a service in which a woman visits a hotel or home designated by the customer and spends a set amount of time with him or her as if they were lovers. You can spend a wonderful time in bed, chat with her when you have time, watch a movie, or use your time in any way you like. Why not try our deliheru service when you come to Japan?

In this issue, we will introduce how to make a reservation for a deriheru service, how to use it, and what to look out for. We will also tell you about 10 carefully selected deliheru services that we recommend in Tokyo, a city visited by many people. Recently, more and more women are moving to Tokyo from the suburbs, and because of the large population, the women are especially beautiful and stylish than those in other prefectures.

Women belonging to many deliheru services are mainly in their 20s and 30s. However, there are also a variety of deliheru services to suit your tastes. For example, there are deliheru that specialize in married women, SM services, transsexuals, porn stars, and so on.

Now, let us tell you how to enjoy deliheru to make your best memories in Tokyo.

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How To Enjoy A Deliheru Service In Tokyo

First, gather information on the Internet. However, some deliheru service providers do not accept foreigners due to communication problems or other reasons. Also, it may be difficult to make reservations for popular deliheru services. If possible, we recommend that you make reservations in advance via SNS or e-mail before coming to Japan.

There are many women available at the deliheru service. When you make a reservation, tell the clerk about your preferences and the kind of play you want. Most of the clerks are male, so do not be shy to tell them what you are looking for.

Decide on the price and time of use according to your budget and travel schedule. In some cases, such as high-class deliheru, the fee may be higher because you can meet models and actresses. Also, if you want multiple play (threesomes or foursomes), consider that this will increase the cost.

What is the process on the day of reservation for deliheru service?

On the day of your appointment, arrive at the designated location without delay. Basically, payment is required before play. Follow the rules of the restaurant for payment methods. Cash payment is generally accepted, but an increasing number of stores accept credit cards. Many stores will issue a receipt. In Japan, some companies use deliheru services for business entertainment.

After paying the bill, women often take a shower before play begins. You can take a bath together or bathe ahead of time. Serial sex is not permitted in a deliheru service. Other play is possible, but optional fees may be required for filming and other activities. Please discuss optional play with the store in advance.

10 Best and Unique Deliheru Services In Tokyo

Let us introduce you to 10 recommended deliheru services in Tokyo. Although we considered introducing stores with good reviews, we wanted to present a diverse selection to let you know that there are many different types of deliheru services available. It is up to you to choose which deliheru you would like to visit.

Experience the finest deliheru services by the most beautiful women from porn stars, models, CAs, and more!

Our store name “VERGUE – VERGUE” is a coined word combining “Berghain”, the most popular club in the world, and “VOGUE”, a high fashion magazine where the world’s top models gather.

As a top-class deliheru, our scout network including the owner works with clubs, parties, modeling agencies, and entertainment production companies to provide a place where you can play with the best Japanese model beauties who can compete on a global level.

Aoyama Verges is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy unforgettable bedtime with beautiful S-class models that you have only seen in magazines or on TV.

SM Kingdom Tokyo is a deliheru helter-skelter where SM play is available!

SM Tokyo Group is highly regarded as the best in the Kanto area in terms of the quality of our women and services.

We have a wide range of women, from young and cute dominatrixes to S-oriented women who will play with you to your heart’s content. We offer a variety of courses, so everyone from beginners who have no experience in SM to those who are called “maniacs” can easily enjoy themselves.

For a deliheru service where queens abuse you, Gotanda M-Sex Fetish Club Masquerade is the place to go!

Everyone has his or her own sexual proclivities, among them the desire to be perverted. The “Gotanda M-Sexual Fetish Club Masquerade” is the place to satisfy such perverted desires. There are many queens dressed in seductive bondage costumes, and you will surely enjoy a variety of kinky play!

Moreover, you can be greedy and have more than one queen at a time! This is a paradise for men who want to satisfy their perverted desires that are usually hidden from common sense and reason!

Have you ever experienced male squirting? Gentle M sex that gives you the feeling of inexperience Gotanda

Have you ever heard of the term “dry orgasm”? Actually, it is said that even men can squirt. Many men who don’t like hardcore SM but still want to be tortured are using this store.

Beautiful transsexual women who are more than just girls will welcome you! Club Dolce, the shemale deliheru service

We have many transsexuals who are more girly than girls! You will surely be surprised that such a beautiful girl is actually a girl. Why don’t you be healed by the most beautiful girls who understand not only girls’ feelings but also men’s feelings?

A man’s dream! GALDELI, a deliheru service where you can spend sexy time with gals

Is gal culture perhaps unique to Japan? You can enjoy as much as you want with the bright and flirty gals who are at the top of cuteness. Black and white gals gather at the north exit of Ikebukuro. Why don’t you have a good time with the most erotic gals?

You can drink breast milk! Shibuya Paradise, a deliheru service where you can enjoy playing with pregnant.

This is a deliheru service where you can play with pregnant women who have breast milk, which is not expected. You can play with almost all women who are married or have children. Just the fact that they are other people’s women gives you a sense of immorality.

Want to play with menstruating girls! Gekkeikamen, a deliheru service for such perverts!

Gekkeikamen is a place where you can play with menstruating girls. It is said that menstruating women are more horny than usual. What kind of play can we expect? I’m looking forward to it.

I want to try Scatology play! A deliheru service for true perverted gentlemen, excretory mania!

Poop Mania is a deliheru service that specializes in scatological play, and also has porn stars on its staff. It is recommended for men who like maniac play. This is probably the only store like this in Japan. As you would expect from a country of hentai.

Sex industry with vicious osteopathic porn play.

Nuruteka is an interesting brothel in Ikebukuro where you can pretend to be a vicious bodyworker often seen in adult videos and give erotic massages to your patients.

Prices start at 16,500 yen for 60 minutes, and for the 80-minute course (24,000 yen) or longer, white coats are available for rent, so we recommend the 80-minute course or longer for those who want to become a vicious bodyworker. If you take advantage of discount events and coupons, you can experience it for about 25,000 yen including hotel charges.

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