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Fetishes Vary Greatly! 5 Unique and Unconventional Tokyo Sex Shops

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Don’t you want to try some naughty experiences you can’t find in ordinary adult entertainment?

In Tokyo, there are plenty of unusual sex shops where you can indulge in abnormal experiences. With a diverse population comes a variety of fetishes. These specialty establishments that cater to niche desires are truly precious.

Here, we will introduce 9 extraordinary sex shops in Tokyo, ranging from lighter establishments that offer a hint of the extraordinary to deep venues where you can experience a world of 2D and fantasy.

By reading this article, those who haven’t experienced these abnormal establishments will get a glimpse into the depths of fetishes. Even for those who, like the author, have grown unsatisfied with regular adult entertainment, you might discover a shop you haven’t tried yet and say, ‘I haven’t been here!’ Take it as a reference and explore the exciting world of alternative sex shops in Tokyo.

Ecchi-na Kaori

fetish smell
NameEcchi-na Kaori

Girls smell good? Absolutely not. Some girls suffer from body odor and excessive sweating. And there are men who actually say, “I want to smell that odor, and if it’s aged without taking a bath, even better.” This is where “Ecchi-na Kaori” a specialized store for fetishes related to smell and dirt, comes in.

This store is obsessed with smells to an extraordinary degree! It covers not only the scent emanating from a girl’s body, but also bad breath, saliva, flatulence, holy water, and even urine and feces – basically, any smell “born from a girl.”

Because they value smells so much, the pricing differs depending on whether the girl provides services right after her natural state or after washing up.

Zenra Kakumei V.I.P Style TOKYO

NameZenra Kakumei V.I.P Style TOKYO

Next up is “Zenra Kakumei V.I.P Style TOKYO,” a recommendation for those who feel bored with their visits to the red-light district.

This establishment operates as a delivery health service, where girls come directly to your hotel room. As soon as the girl arrives, she puts on an eye mask and suddenly opens her coat wide! Underneath, she reveals a completely naked and beautiful body. Without much time to gaze, the play starts right away with a deep kiss!

Yes, this shop specializes in immediate play. And with its claim of being the fastest in the industry, there is no hesitation in the girls’ movements!

The fellatio is intense, with slurping sounds filling the air as the play begins at the entrance. The image of a girl, completely naked except for her shoes, performing an explicit spread-legged fellatio stays etched in your mind!

Showers are not included in the playtime, and there is no unnecessary small talk, ensuring the immediate play lasts longer than expected. Additionally, you can specify details like whether the girl should wear underwear or garters, making it a considerate shop for gentlemen who find excitement in such attire.

With its intense and immediate play, even those who are accustomed to regular adult entertainment establishments can enjoy a fresh experience.

Haisetsu Mania(Scatology Enthusiasts)

Scatology Enthusiasts
NameHaisetsu Mania(Scatology Enthusiasts)

Engaging in excretory acts, which are commonplace in daily life, can suddenly become extraordinary when involving someone else. It’s a challenging and sensitive play to request from a partner… But with the tagline “I’ll come to your room for a poop session,” the “Excretion Mania” offers a judgment-free space to enjoy without inhibitions. The girls here are all enthusiasts who adore the thrill of being observed during their excretory moments!

These girls possess stunning facial features, reminding us of the simple fact that “even these girls go to the bathroom.”

Firstly, they engage in a urination play in the bath. Their faces, a mix of shyness and relaxation as they experience the pleasure of excretion, are truly captivating.

One of the girls mentions being slightly constipated. However, with the anticipation of observing the twitching of her anus while waiting, or even smelling the unique aroma, the experience transforms into an enjoyable time.

Why not fully immerse yourself in the rare sight of a girl’s excretory moments, something that is typically concealed from view?

Farfadet Club Tokyo

Farfadet Club Tokyo
NameFarfadet Club Tokyo

Do you want to be dominated by a woman? Do you want to be humiliated? Such desires can be fulfilled at “Falfade Club Tokyo”.

This place offers various masochistic plays such as SM, bondage, and training. They prepare a wide range of plays, from relatively soft SM play to hard play where you can reach the state of complete submission by breaking down your male pride.

Not only for experts, it is also recommended for those who are interested and want to try. The one who will touch your masochistic sensitivity is the queen with a sadistic and dangerous smell. The contemporary Ms. Columbus, known as the “prostate pioneer”, the master of 1,000 whip strokes, and the absolute ruler who welcomes ecstasy with the cry of a male, have a rich personality.

Aoyama Vergue

NameAoyama Vergue

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending a surreal time with celebrities such as AV actresses or models, Aoyama Verg can make it a reality.

Amazingly, there are practically no taboos in this establishment. As long as the woman does not feel uncomfortable, any play you desire can be catered for. If you communicate your wishes to the staff, they will select the woman who best fits your preferences. The price might be a bit high, but it’s worth every penny.

If you are someone who wants to fully indulge in their desires and spend the best time with an incredibly attractive woman, Aoyama Verg is your only choice. If you’re seeking to make your stay in Tokyo unforgettable, don’t miss this opportunity.

Of course, everyone harbors the wish to have a fling with a celebrity at least once. At Aoyama Verg, you have the chance to realize that dream. Yes, this amazing experience comes at a higher price, but that price guarantees a satisfying and unforgettable time.

If you want to fully express your fetishes and enjoy a special time with the most attractive women, Aoyama Verg should be your first choice to make your stay in Tokyo the best it can be. Your experience will become a lifelong memory.

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