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What Is A Hotel Companion? You Should Experience It When You Stay At A Hot Spring Resort.

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How can I further enjoy the Japanese culture of onsen?

Many people may like to enjoy the onsen culture when coming to Japan. Onsen is a recreation where you can soak in a hot tub and relieve your fatigue. There are many hot spring resorts in Japan. They can be found anywhere in Japan, and each has unique characteristics, so I encourage you to check them out.

I would like to introduce hotel companions active in hot spring resorts and tourist attractions. A companion is an occupation that enlivens a banquet hall by inviting women. The hotel calls for companions, so they are called hotel companions. We will explain in detail what kind of girls come, their age range, and the price to experience it, so please read to the end!

What is a hotel companion?

What is a hotel companion? They are girls who enliven the occasion at Ryotei (Japanese-style restaurants), Ryokan (Japanese-style inns), hotels, etc. Generally, many people use them for company trips with work colleagues or parties where they want to experience freshness.

Since there are many Ryokans and hotels in hot spring resorts, you can heal your body in a hot spring and at the same time call a companion to make your trip even more extraordinary. Of course, you can call a hotel companion even if traveling with friends. You can complain about work, your private life, and other things that you would typically not be able to talk about.

The companions are professionals in customer service, so they will listen to what you have to say without making you uncomfortable. Depending on the inn, you can also enjoy karaoke with your companion. Next, we will introduce how to call such a companion and how to make a reservation, so please take a look.

How to call a hotel companion?

We hope you now understand what a hotel companion is and its charms. Currently, we will introduce how to call such a hotel companion. Compared to kyabakura, hotel companions are only available at a hotel or Ryokan, and making a reservation is essential. If you search for “hotel companion reservation,” a reservation site will appear, and you can make a reservation.

First, however, search for the hot spring resort where you will be staying and make a reservation at a hotel or Ryokan that has companions. You will find a variety of plans, so book the one that suits you best. There are two types of companions: everyday companions and pink companions, the difference between which will be explained in the next section. The duration is approximately 120 minutes. If you want a longer course, 240 minutes is also available. There are many hot spring resorts throughout Japan, so it is difficult to choose one.

We recommend Kusatsu Onsen and Atami Onsen. Kusatsu Onsen is famous for its hot springs, which are the best in Japan. It is my first choice if you come to Japan and want to visit a hot spring resort. Atami Onsen is famous as a hot spring resort where you can soak in hot spring water while enjoying the view of the ocean. Many inns and hotels in Atami Onsen offer plans with companions! In addition, Atami Onsen is one of the most recommended hot spring resorts because of its easy accessibility, only about an hour and a half from Tokyo.

There are different types of hotel companions

Many different types of hotel companions offer a variety of services. This means that their services will be more erotic. Regular companions are the softest; their role is to pour drinks and make the occasion lively. This class is also acceptable for those who simply want to call a girl and enjoy drinks together.

The fee seems to be about 2,000 yen per companion for 120 minutes. If you want to invite a hotel companion with a group of about five people, you would need at least two people. Then, it would be calculated to cost roughly 4,000 yen. Next is a type of companion called a pink companion.

When I hear the name, it sounds like they might offer a bit naughty service, but how is it? A pink companion is a hotel companion that provides a service that allows you to touch a woman’s breasts and other parts of her body. The fee is 120 minutes, and one hotel companion costs about 3,000 yen at the market price.

Compared to a regular companion, it is almost 10000 yen higher. It is a little more expensive because they are allowed to receive sexually explicit services.

Also, you can play naughty games with the hotel companion. One of them is a game called the Twister Game. There is a cloth with red, blue, yellow, and green circles on it, and the player has to put the indicated part on the designated colored circle.

The player who fails to attach their body part to the designated circle or gets out of position after attaching their body part loses the game. If the player loses, they are forced to take off their clothes as a penalty game and can strip the hotel companion naked! If you want to know the detailed rules, please check them out!

Another classic game with hotel companions is Yakyuken, so you should learn the rules. Roughly speaking, most hotels have two types of hotel companions: regular companions and pink companions. There are also party companions who offer even more naughty services. Still, since we have divided them roughly, there may or may not be two types of naughty services.

If you want a naughty service, use a pink companion. If you just want the place to be lively, use a regular companion, depending on your mood at the time and your price budget.

What is the difference between a Kyabakura and a hotel companion?

We have explained hotel companions so far, but what is the difference between a kyabakura and a hotel companion people wonder, “What is the difference between a kyabakura and a hotel companion? The difference between a kyabakura and a hotel companion is that the user either goes to the restaurant or calls the hotel companion.

In a kyabakura, you have to go to the restaurant to interact with the girls, but in the case of hotel companions, they will come to you if you call them yourself. You can contact a companion or even a karaoke box, so it is not necessarily a hotel in a hot spring resort or other touristy area.

Also, in kyabakura, there is an after-party system where you can meet privately without going to the restaurant. Still, you must visit the restaurant frequently to get to know each other. Companionship is unique in that there is no such system.

Although the relationship is only on the spot, this is why, in some cases, it is possible to get to know each other. This is partly because onsen resorts are places you rarely go to. Onsen resorts may be taboo for nightclubs like cabarets regarding public morals. Also, party companions do not have much of a quota or nomination. It is a notable exception in cabarets and other nightclubs where you can nominate your type of girl.

Can I call a hotel companion alone?

I am planning to go on a solo trip to Japan. I would like to call a hotel companion because I will be accessible at night, but can I call one alone? Such questions may come to mind, but rest assured, it is possible to contact a companion even if you are alone.

There are plans exclusively for one person on reservation sites, so making a reservation easy, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. In addition, since solo travel has become popular in recent years, the number of people who call for a hotel companion, even alone, is increasing. Such a trend has also led to a considerable increase in the demand for calling a hotel companion alone.

So, you can call a hotel companion without any problem, even alone! We also accommodate foreigners, so please don’t worry. Hotel companions are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance to a solo trip, so please be sure to take advantage of them!

What is the age range of the companion girls?

What is the age range of the companion girls? And what kind of girls are there? Let me start with the age range. The age range is vast, from 20s to 50s. The age range varies depending on the area of the hot spring resort, but it is good to know that the range is quite broad.

Quite a few girls are students and hotel companions, and some are doing it because they want to learn customer service or because they like to drink. Also, in their 40s or 50s, many do hotel companionship as their main job.

They are very professional and fun to talk to, and they don’t mind being older because they treat you without making you feel bad about your usual stress. When it comes to pink companions, having a younger body is a good idea, so it is one way to talk to the store about it. Everyone who works as a hotel companion is mild-mannered.

Since this is a hot spring resort, the order is maintained, and the companions are in the unique atmosphere of a town with a certain elegance, so they have good personalities. However, don’t harass them excessively. Users should also follow the rules to have a good time with hotel companions!

If you go to a hot spring resort, call a hotel companion!

When you go to a hot spring resort, we recommend that you not only relax in the hot spring but also call a hotel companion. Calling one person costs about 2,000 yen, so if you include this in your budget, you will have no problem.

A bath in a hot spring will refresh you, but talking with the girls will refresh you even more. Also, drinking alcohol with the girls will make your trip even more enjoyable. Some people may find kyabakura too formal for their liking.

For those people, please go to a hot spring resort and call for a hotel companion while soaking in the hot spring. They will talk to you like a friend, and you can receive various naughty services if you call a pink companion. Please go to a hot spring resort and call a hotel companion while soaking in a hot spring resort.

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