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Are Japanese Girls Seductive?Understanding The Charm Of Japanese Women From History

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Are Japanese Girls Seductive?

Understanding the charm of Japanese women from history: Are Japanese women seductive? You may have heard the impression that Japanese people are serious and hard-working. That interpretation is correct. If you think about it that way, you might think Japanese people are shy about seduction.

Even if you come to Japan and want to have sex with a Japanese woman, there is no point if it is not seductive. I would like to see whether Japanese girls are sensual and what kind of charm they have from their Japanese history background. This article lets you find out whether Japanese women are seductive. And you can learn the surprising truth about Japanese women’s sexuality. Please read until the end!

About Current Japanese Sexuality

Japan is pretty strict about sex these days. Even on TV, quite a few dirty jokes are prohibited from being broadcast.

If you mention sex, you’ll be cut off immediately. They are closed-minded about sexuality, and it seems that they will become even stricter in the future. Also, according to Japanese law, the legal age to have sex is 16 years old or younger, which is quite late. In addition, the number of Japanese people who have never had sex is increasing, and I feel that they are lagging far behind when it comes to sexual intercourse.

The age at which women have sex for the first time is also gradually increasing, with the average age of men and women being 19.6 years old. Some data shows that women in China have sex for the first time at 18.4 years old.

What Is The Charm Of Japanese Women In The Past?

What impression do you have of Japanese women? Many people may have the impression that they are kind and hospitable. Japanese women have a long history of being good at hospitality.

Previously, men worked in Japan, and women cared for the family. Therefore, to protect the family, there was a culture of doing housework, childcare, etc., by one person, and this culture is only now surviving. I had a quiet personality in the past and didn’t use harsh words; my words were polite and kind. In the past, there was a culture dominated by men and women, so women were docile. Nowadays, the idea of male superiority and female supremacy has disappeared, and everyone is considered equal.

Still, Japanese women are beautiful because the gentle nature of women has been passed down from generation to generation. What do you think about the seductiveism of Japanese women?

In The Old Days, Japan Was All About Sex!?

So, what was the relationship like in Japan in the past? To put it simply, in the past, people were sexually tolerant. It is also said to be a seductive powerhouse. Moreover, in the past, there was a culture where seductive women were considered better. People who are good at sex are homely and motherly and are popular as people who can have relationships with many men.

Contrary to the current interpretation, the culture believes that the more sex you have, the better, so the number of prostitutes who sell their bodies has increased, red-light districts have been built, and the number of sex workers has increased.

I think the idea of enjoying sex without being embarrassed about it is appealing. History books show that Japanese people were very seductive and often had sex. For example, there is a famous Japanese historical figure called Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

This person is well-known as the first person to unify Japan during the samurai era. Samurai refers to samurai, which foreigners like. There is an anecdote that Toyotomi Hideyoshi loved sex and often invited women over to have sex with him. It is said that many women did not mind having sex and wanted to have sex with Toyotomi Hideyoshi. I would say it was incredibly seductive for women. It can be said that Japanese women who retain the DNA of those Japanese women of the past are alluring and attractive!

▶︎ Culture and History of Japan’s Seductive Sex Business A Behind the Scenes Look

Japanese Women With Various Anecdotes

Back around 1,000 years ago, it was said that if a female aristocrat showed her face to a man, it was proof that she had sex with that man. In other words, her face was her pussy. You can see how women were treated as unique.

It seems that there was a culture in which female aristocrats wielded their power, had sex only with good men, and did not show their faces to ordinary people. There seems to have been a time when there was a very classic idea that if you had sex with a poor man, you would become impoverished.

A long time ago, when the average lifespan was 30 years old, there was a time when women had a culture of applying to work as tenants to have many descendants, giving birth to an average of 8.3 children.

Japan Used To Be Polygamous

Currently, Japan has a monogamous and monogamous system. However, it used to be polygamous. Many prostitutes sell their bodies all the time, and their only desire is to capture a more muscular man or give birth to a child of a man with more financial power. Japanese women in the past had such ambitions. Japanese women who are ambitious but kind are beautiful. Therefore, even today, many women sell their bodies to make money on soaplands.

Recently, there has been a phenomenon called “Papakatsu” where young women go on dates for money from their uncles. It’s good that there are ambitious girls like there were in the past.

Still, they are now being regulated because they can spread sexually transmitted diseases and get into various troubles. By the way, the system of one husband and one wife was changed by law in 1880. Since then, it has become taboo to have sex with other people of the opposite sex. However, looking at history, Japanese women instinctively have a desire to have sex with various men.

There Was A Free Sex Event In The 1860s!

In the 1860s, the idea of monogamy began to gain considerable strength. Until then, I was able to have sex with many different girls through polygamy, but that is no longer possible.

That’s how we came up with an event where you can have free sex once in the spring and once in the fall. Not only men but also many women participated. At this event, commoners and aristocrats were all in the same position, and it seemed like they could have sex with anyone.

You can see that the Japanese people in the past were sexually tolerant and had no shame. Japanese women were similarly shameless, which is true in the sense of being seductive. So, if you like sensual women, this is very attractive. I’m pretty shy now, but if you open up to me, there may be a moment when you get a glimpse of the seductiveism of Japanese girls.

Women’s Toys Have Been Around Since The 200s!

Nowadays, there are many different types of toys for women, including vibrators, electric massagers, and rotors. However, it is said that there were toys for women in Japan as far back as 1800 years ago.

Can you believe that sexual play has existed for such a long time? In the old days, it was made from stones and onions. It’s unbelievable! By the way, vibrators became popular in the 1860s due to sexual harassment by doctors. What is the traditional method of contraception?

It is said that the method of contraception in the 1700s was to wrap Japanese paper around the penis and place it in the vagina. It is noted that washi paper acted like a condom, preventing semen from entering. At the time, this was considered a method of contraception. I’m not sure if I was able to use birth control. Condoms were invented in the 1940s, and until then, no reliable method of contraception had been established.

Japanese People Still Like Sex

However, Japanese people like sex! In fact, according to a survey, Japanese people are said to be the most perverted in Asia. As proof of this, there are love hotels everywhere you go, and there are quite a lot of places where you can have sex with women, such as delivery health services and soaplands.

If you come to Japan, you’ll probably get the impression that there are many stores where you can flirt with women. Not only in tourist spots but everywhere!

I heard that there are no areas in Europe that are lined with adult entertainment shops like Japan, so from that background, I can say that Japanese people are seductive. Also, if you consider that Japanese women work as delivery health ladies or soapland ladies, you can say that Japanese women are also quite alluring.

10,000 Porn Actresses!?

Japanese porn actress

The large number of sexy actresses is proof that Japanese women are seductive. As the headline says, Japan has over 10,000 sexy actresses. This is the second-highest number after the United States. Japanese sexy actresses are very popular in Asia, and when there was an event featuring Japanese sexy actresses in Taiwan, many people came. Yua Mikami, a former sexy actress, has over 5.5 million followers on X, so you can see that she is very popular. She feels so grateful just to be able to watch 5.5 million people having sex.

I encourage you to search and take a look. Some stores only sell works by sexy actresses and seductive anime, and once you enter, there are so many naked images that you will be shocked. Even at Don Quijote, if you go into a place that says, “No one under 18 is allowed,” you can buy seductive videos and seductive paraphernalia. Japan is a country where seductiveism is very familiar.

And the sales of adult videos are high, which shows that not only Japanese women but also Japanese people are seductive. There are many beautiful and sexy actresses, so please check them out. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it too.

Japan, Where You Can Play With A Lot Of Girls


As I wrote earlier, there are many shops in Japan where you can play with girls. Moreover, you can change the type of store depending on what you want to play, so you will never get bored. If you want to have sex, go to a soapland or a sex shop. If you want to drink while talking to girls, go to a cabaret club or girls’ bar.

If you want to ejaculate with a blowjob, there are various types of shops, such as Pinsaro. This is a culture unique to Japan. Of course, Japanese girls are perverts, which is why there are so many sex shops. Without cast members, the store wouldn’t survive. When you include the fact that there are over 10,000 sexy actresses, you can see that Japanese girls are seductive and attractive.

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Japanese Women Have A Lot Of Charm!

As I’ve talked about so far, Japanese women are seductive and attractive. Historically, Japanese women have been sexually free and tolerant, so the fact that they are currently closed-minded about sexuality is a lie. Also, Japanese women are homely and gentle, so seductive and kind women are attractive. We want you to enjoy these charming Japanese girls, so please come to Japan!

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