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Are Japanese people good at sex? Data reveals the state of sex around the world

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Many of you may have heard the data that Japanese people have the worst sex. However, it is easy to assume that Japanese people are not good at sex. Let’s take a look at the state of sex in the world. Let’s look at countries where sex is highly satisfying and highly regarded as good sex.

They love eroticism! Sex in the world 1: India

In India, where there are many Hindus, premarital sex is prohibited. This makes the situation more difficult for men. Perhaps due to such influences, there are rape cases in the country that never cease.

Data analysis shows that Indians rank third worst regarding the number of times they have sex, but their satisfaction level is high. The average number of married men and women who have sex is 3 or 4 times weekly. The length of foreplay is also the shortest. This suggests that sex is not only a Kamasutra-like activity, but is also generally normal.

However, it can be said that Indians are sexually curious. According to data, they have the second highest sex drive after Americans. Not all Indians are satisfied with sex, but those looking for intense sex with other Indians are satisfied with sex because their needs match each other.

In terms of frequency, it is second to none! World Sex Situation 2: Greece

Greece has far more sex than the world average. Greece is the most popular country in Europe. Greece is known as the country of pick-up girls. Greece has been pursuing eroticism since Greek mythology, and the sex situation in Greece can be said to be very active.

Greece has a strong impression of being a loose society, even among European countries. The working day ends at noon. After a leisurely lunch and a siesta, the workers have a late supper and sleep. I don’t know if it is because of such a relaxed lifestyle, but the passion for sex is something to take one’s hat off to.

Sex in Greece, the most erotic country in Europe, is quite simple. It can be said that the style of sex in Greece is to make love at the moment. However, it is customary to use condoms for contraception and disease prevention. This is important because of their openness to sex.

A country of love affairs! Sex in the World 3: Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a romantic Eastern European country. It is a famous country with a low cost of living and easy travel. The Czech Republic has the highest number of dates in the world. The Czech Republic, with such a high level of lovemaking, also ranks 5th in terms of the number of times people have sex. And the satisfaction level is also high.

We believe that many couples in the Czech Republic have a lot of loving sex. That’s why the satisfaction level of sex is also high. Unlike other European countries, we are similar to the Japanese regarding love. A slow-starting relationship with careful consideration makes it easier to deepen love.

The Czech love and sex situation, which has a similar feeling to the Japanese, may be an excellent area to learn from. You may experience fulfillment through satisfying sex where you can feel love.

Sex is culture! World Sex Situation 4: Spain

Spain is a Latin country of passion. Spain is a country that often reigns at the top of the rankings for good sex. While the number of times and satisfaction levels are about average, the reason they are considered good at sex starts before foreplay.

Spaniards are quick to act when they want to have sex and treat women like princesses. Their focus on satisfying a woman’s vanity is tremendous. The way they treat women even before going to bed is, from a Japanese point of view, at the level of a god.

Spaniards also place great importance on sexual compatibility. Therefore, it is often a one-night stand. Spanish women also prefer quite aggressive sex. It is no wonder that Spanish men who work hard with these women are said to be good at sex.

Playing without love is something to be enjoyed! Sex around the world 5: France

France tends to make a lot of sex jokes. They seem open about sex but have a unique way of thinking about sex without love. If the feeling is correct, there is nothing wrong with having sex on the spot. And with such a partner, they won’t ask for anything from them.

However, if they are married or in a relationship with a specific person, many do not want sex with other people. When they are free, they will have sex with whoever they want to have sex with, but when they have a partner they love, they are satisfied with sex with their partner.

French sex is romantic and sensual, sometimes described as perverted, but also accessible and exciting. Sex with the French is unique, but it can be enjoyable because they are willing to think about what they can do to make it enjoyable for both parties.

There is a great technique! Sex in the World: Japan

According to data, the number of times Japanese people have sex is the worst in the world. However, the level of satisfaction is relatively high. This may be because we are delighted with our sex life.

The low number of times is not necessarily due to the difference in life cycles between students and working adults, but it may be because they do not have much time. Some say that Japanese men were the best. While everyone has their sex preferences, the appeal of Japanese men lies in their detailed foreplay.

This is because the performance of Japanese technology is as detailed as the manufacturing of great products. Unfortunately, sex outside of Asia is not so well known worldwide because many men are not as aggressive. I would like to promote the sex skills of Japanese men that can be used worldwide.

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