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SOD LAND, an amusement park for adults! What is the reality of a bar where you can have drinks with porn actresses?

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The Japanese adult entertainment industry is known for its wide range of fans, both domestic and international. Among these, one of the most synonymous with Japanese eroticism is pornography.

The main characters in these videos are porn actresses. Porn actresses, in particular, attract many viewers with their charm and individuality, and many of them are loved internationally beyond national borders.

What could be more appealing to many fans than to hear that there is a place where they can interact and spend time with these porn stars in person? That dreamlike place is SOD LAND.

SOD LAND is an adult-only entertainment facility produced by Soft on Demand (SOD), Japan’s leading adult video production company. Located in Shinjuku, in the heart of Tokyo, the facility has two locations, one in Akihabara and the other in Shinjuku, each offering different themes and services. In here, visitors can enjoy extraordinary experiences that they would not have in their everyday lives.

The Akihabara branch is a more casual, easygoing concept, with an affordable price of 2,500 yen (about $15) for two hours of use. The Shinjuku branch, on the other hand, has a slightly more upscale setting, with admission for two hours at 3,500 yen (about $25). At both locations, customers can enjoy conversation, games, and performances with AV actresses while sipping drinks, which is one of the main attractions of SOD LAND.

In addition, at SOD LAND, actresses will appear in a variety of costumes and perform according to the day’s theme. Bunny girls, cabaret girls, office workers, and others in a variety of costumes captivate visitors and make the fantasies in adult films a reality. Special shows are also held for certain events and anniversaries, and are a factor in attracting repeat visitors.

Thus, SOD LAND is a new concept in adult entertainment, distinct from a mere bar or nightclub. With friendly pricing and the opportunity to interact with some of Japan’s top sexy actresses, SOD LAND offers an unforgettable experience for many visitors.

Frankly, we might recommend going to SOD LAND to have a good time instead of going to a cheap brothel.

Why is that?

Blush is inevitable! What is the charm of SOD LAND?

SOD LAND is an adult entertainment facility located in Kabukicho and Akihabara, Shinjuku, Tokyo. This facility offers a variety of attractive experiences, but there are some restrictions: customers are not allowed to touch the female staff and photos are not allowed in the store. In fact, however, there are more attractions than that.

You can enjoy humorous and dirty talks, starting first with a talk with an AV actress, and through these conversations, you can experience an unusual interaction.

You can also experience the thrill of having your hands wiped with a hand towel. Afterwards, you can order a variety of food and beverages, which also have various options.

For example, in a service called “indirect boobies touch,” a cast member touches her own breasts and then high-fives the visitor with her hands. This is a playful performance that allows visitors to enjoy the sensation of indirectly touching the breasts.

In the “Request Ear Confession” service, a megaphone is used to whisper words of love directly into the ear of only specific visitors, so that other guests cannot hear them. This service provides a special and exciting feeling and will leave a strong impression on customers.

In addition, AV actresses appear in a variety of costumes, including bunny girls, toweling off after a bath, cabaret girls, and female office workers. SOD LAND is breaking new ground in adult entertainment with its innovative concept and unique services.

We recommend the Shinjuku Kabukicho branch, which has four floors!

SOD LAND Shinjuku Kabukicho has four floors, each with a different concept and interesting experience. Each situation is a faithful reproduction of the world of Soft On Demand’s popular AV series.

The first floor is a reception area, the first basement floor is a one-towel hot-spring bar, the second floor is a 2F office worker girls’ bar, the third floor is a Syain Bar that resembles a high-class girls’ bar, and the fourth floor is an ultra-short distance SILENT BAR. Let’s take a look at the features of each.

▶︎ Click here for each floor description (Japanese only)

A hot-spring bar with just one towel, where you can enjoy a sense of everyday life.

What a great idea to have porn stars drink with you in just a towel. It’s amazing. This is a hot spring-style bar where you can casually drink and chat while enjoying the sexy and fun options in the women’s bathhouse.
This is a hot spring-style bar where you can casually enjoy a drink and talk about indecent conversation.

This bar has a “mission box” where you can pull out a variety of instructions and have fun. Even if it is your first time and you are shy, this kind of device makes it easier to talk and have fun!

Of course, there are plenty of options. For the “Let’s be a baby! Baby Bottle,” a porn actress holds a baby bottle to her chest and gently feeds you like a baby while coaxing in baby talk. The adrenaline never seems to stop flowing, does it? You can also enjoy indirect pie touch at this store.

A bar that recreates the meeting place “Goukon”.

At this bar, you can enjoy drinks with office workers after work. The theme is “Gokon”.

Gokon is a Japanese custom in which women and men drink together in equal numbers to deepen their relationship. The theme of this bar is “Goukon”. It might be a good idea to experience your first Goukon at SOD Land. The cuteness of the women is so high that you may not be able to go to other Goukon any more…

The best thing about this floor is the flirtatiousness. If you want to have a good time drinking with cute girls, this might be the perfect place for you! If you want to have fun drinking with cute girls, this may be the perfect place for you. However, if you are not good at drinking, it may be a little tough for you.

Syain Bar, an luxury girls’ bar reproduction with an upscale atmosphere

Syain Bar is a replica of an upscale girls’ bar. The ladies are well dressed and the interior is relaxed. This bar is recommended for mature customers who want to enjoy eroticism in a quiet atmosphere.

Many of the optional services are also erotic and sexier services.

For example, there is a lemon sour called “Nama Shibori Koibito Tsunagari Lemon Sour”. If you order this, you and the porn star will squeeze the lemon together!

The lemon sour squeezed jointly is sure to be outstandingly delicious.

Other options include ear-to-ear confessions using a megaphone.

You can request what you would like them to say, or you can leave it up to them.

They will confess their love in your ear, just for you, and no one else will be able to hear it.

It will be an unforgettable experience.

If you want to experience something out of the ordinary, go to the ultra-close SILENT BAR!

It is a bar with a new sensation based on the concept of “It feels good to be stared at. It is a silent bar where you can enjoy drinks quietly while being stared at by sexy actresses in sexy costumes (bunnies).

There are options that are only available here, and you cannot leave Japan without enjoying them.

After all, it is a silent bar, so you can enjoy yourself even if you do not speak Japanese. Why not visit?

Air flicking while looking into the eyes at close range of the face. If you are a M-type person, please give it a try.

How was it?

SOD LAND is the only place in Tokyo where you can enjoy the extraordinary experience of playing with porn stars.

It is located in a great location, just a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. Please stop by.

Information about SOD LAND

Store Name:SOD LAND Shinjuku Kabukicho

Address:1-21-3 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Phone number:090-4421-5134

Business hours:Weekdays 18:00-23:30 / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 15:00-23:30

Budget: 5,000 yen and up
If you want to add options, it is better to have more than 10,000 yen.

One minute from Akihabara, a popular spot for foreigners visiting Japan!
Office Worker Girls’ Tavern

This is the original SOD LAND Akihabara branch, and the name of the store is Joshi Koin Tavern, where sexy actresses dressed as office workers will make your dreams come true.

In addition to the optional services that are available at the Shinjuku branch, Kochira is smaller and features a very close proximity to the AV actresses.

Therefore, even if you are a shy person who cannot talk much, it is not a problem. The girls will talk to you easily. Admission is also less expensive than at the Shinjuku store, so you can stay longer. I feel that the Akihabara store is often more crowded than the Kabukicho store, and the Akihabara store is often more empty.

The girls are dressed in the same costumes as the girls on the second floor of the Shinjuku store, but there are rumors that the service is better here. If you are going to stay in Japan for a long time, you may want to visit both.

Information about SOD LAND

Store Name:SOD LAND Akihabara

Address:Akihabara Building, 1-15-3 Kanda sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Phone number:090-6726-7804

Business hours:Weekdays 18:00-23:30 / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 15:00-23:30

Budget: 3,000 yen and up
If you want to add options, it is better to have more than 10,000 yen.

Let’s talk with porn stars at SOD LAND!

AV is a common sight in Japan and abroad, and where else can you talk and enjoy drinks with AV actresses who are active in the industry so closely? This is definitely the only place.

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