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The most exciting and beautiful art installations in Japan, Teamlab

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Do you know which is the most famous and popular museum in Japan today?

Tokyo National Museum? Japan’s three most famous gardens? Or the Edo-Tokyo Museum, where you can learn about the history of Japan?

While these are all great museums, Teamlab is now attracting a lot of attention from Japanese and tourists alike.

It is a contemporary art museum that imagines a new space by crossing art with innovative technolo…

Not only does it have permanent exhibits, but it also collaborates with famous Japanese castles, temples, and restaurants to create new spaces one after another.

Teamlab has many permanent exhibition venues throughout Japan!

Founded in 2001, Teamlab is a Japanese digital content production company, especially known for its installations that combine art, science, technology, and nature, creating works that transform by touch and in which the audience can directly participate.

Professionals from a variety of disciplines, including programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, and graphic designers, bring all their knowledge to the table to create things with a perspective that has never been seen before.

Mori Building Digital Art Museum

Mori Building Digital Art Museum

TeamLab Borderless opened its new Azabudai Hills location in Tokyo on February 9, 2024.

The new facility has relocated from its previous location in Odaiba and offers a further evolution in art exhibits and experiences.

The new exhibit space spans 10,000 square meters and features a number of interactive and immersive digital artworks.

New exhibits include “Bubble Universe: Physical Light, Bubbles of Light, Wobbling Light, and Environmental Light” and “Infinite Crystal World.

The “Bubble Universe” is designed to create different experiences for visitors by allowing them to directly interact with and influence each other. The “Bubble Universe,” in particular, is a space filled with countless spheres of light, which visitors walk through to create a world of light and shadow.

In addition, through its new art project “Existence in Perception,” Team Lab is deepening its exploration of perception and existence, which is reflected in its new body of work.

For example, “The Sculpture of Time Distortion in a Mirror” allows visitors to experience time distortion in a mirror, giving participants the illusion of seeing themselves in the past.

This renewed TeamLab Borderless continues to offer visitors a unique artistic experience as a new form of art museum that crosses the boundaries between art and technology.

A Whole Year Per Hour(Saitama)

“Flowers and People – A Whole Year per Hour, Saitama” is a digital artwork in which seasonal flowers bloom in a yearly cycle over the course of an hour.

The work depicts the process of flowers being born, blooming, and then dying over time. Flowers are forever repeating life and death. When an observer moves in front of the work, the flowers fall en masse, but when the observer stands still, more flowers are born.

The installation changes in response to the movement and presence of people, requiring the observer to be directly involved as part of the artwork.

Designed by TeamLab, the work explores the theme of human interaction with nature, expressing the beauty and fragility of nature through digital technology.

The artwork provides a unique experience that allows the observer to experience the changing seasons and cycles of life in a short period of time.

teamLab Botanical Garden(Osaka)

teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka is a digital art project located within the Nagai Botanical Garden in Osaka, Japan, that reinterprets the natural environment through digital technology under the theme “Digitized Nature.

This permanent exhibit offers visitors an experience that reminds them of the beauty of the natural world and the importance of interaction through the fusion of nature and digital art. 240,000 square meters of land is devoted to growing seasonal plants, and interactive artworks are presented against the backdrop of these plants.

A key feature of the exhibit is an art installation that changes in response to visitors’ movements.

For example, in “Resonating Forest – Cherry Blossoms and Maple,” the light on the trees changes color as visitors approach, giving them a sense of being part of the natural world.

In this way, it emphasizes the visitor’s presence as part of the natural world and promotes a sense of oneness with nature.

In “Floating Resonating Lamps in the Forest,” the lamps appear to float and each lamp changes the color of its light in response to the visitor’s presence. Through the play of light in nature, this installation offers visitors a magical experience and elicits a new dialogue with nature.

This project by teamLab explores how natural elements and digital art can merge to create a new aesthetic.

By combining the natural beauty of the botanical gardens with advanced digital technology, the project creates an unpredictable and engaging space for visitors. The experience is also expected to raise awareness of respect for and protection of nature.

teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka is a place that demonstrates how art, science, and technology can expand people’s senses and forge new relationships with the natural world.

For visitors, the garden continues to provide an opportunity to interact with nature and rediscover its beauty from a new perspective.

teamLab Forest(Fukuoka)

teamLab Forest Fukuoka is an interactive digital art museum located in BOSS E-ZO FUKUOKA, opened in 2020.

The museum brings innovative art experiences by teamLab to the community and has become a popular tourist attraction, especially for families and young people. The facility consists of two main areas, the Catching and Collecting Forest and the Athletics Forest, each offering a different experience.

In the Catching and Collecting Forest, visitors can use their smartphones to catch and learn about a variety of digital creatures. This area also includes an educational component, where visitors can learn more about the creatures they catch, while deepening their understanding and interest in nature.

The Athletics Forest, on the other hand, is a physical art experience where visitors interact directly with the artwork to develop spatial awareness and creativity.

As a new type of public space created through the fusion of art and technology, teamLab Forest provides visitors with an extraordinary experience and learning opportunity.

The intersection of digital and physical elements presents a new way to enjoy art and inspires many people. In this way, teamLab Forest extends people’s senses through art and creates new forms of communication and expression.

Teamlab Future Park(Okinawa)

teamLab Future Park Okinawa, located at T Galleria by DFS in Naha City, Okinawa, offers a unique blend of art and technology with a focus on interactive experiences.

Opened in December 2023, this venue aims to be not just an art exhibition but a comprehensive experience that merges creative interaction with a sense of communal play and education.

This permanent exhibition is designed around the concept of “co-creation,” encouraging visitors to actively participate in the creation of art. The park features several installations where your actions and interactions can influence the artwork itself.

For example, in the “Graffiti Nature in a Beating Valley” installation, creatures drawn by visitors come to life and interact with the digital environment, changing as people move through the space.

The park is designed to be explored over several hours, with no set sequence in which to view the artworks, allowing a free-flowing experience that can be different each visit.

Other notable installations include the “Sketch Aquarium,” where drawings of aquatic life are animated in a virtual aquarium, and the “Light Ball Orchestra,” where touching glowing orbs changes the sound and visual landscape around you.

For a comprehensive and engaging experience, teamLab Future Park Okinawa combines art, technology, and educational elements, making it a unique destination for both locals and tourists seeking an immersive cultural experience in Okinawa.

Continuous Life Now and to Eternity(Nagoya)

Continuous Life Now and to Eternity(Nagoya)

It seems there were issues accessing detailed information about “Continuous Life Now and to Eternity” in Nagoya from teamLab’s website. However, I can provide a general overview based on typical characteristics of teamLab’s installations.

“Continuous Life Now and to Eternity” is likely an immersive art installation that exemplifies teamLab’s distinctive blend of art, technology, nature, and interactive elements.

Such installations typically involve dynamic digital environments where the art evolves in real-time, responding to the interactions of the viewers. These installations often explore themes like the cycle of life and death, the flow of time, and the interaction between humans and nature.

Visitors to this installation can expect to see digital representations of natural elements, possibly including flowers and other organic forms, that change and evolve, symbolically reflecting the passage of time and the continuity of life.

The artwork might also be synchronized with local environmental factors like light and weather, further blurring the lines between digital art and the physical world.

For specific details like location, visiting hours, and ticket information, I would recommend checking the official teamLab website or local event listings in Nagoya directly.

The Way of Birds(Fukui)

“The Way of Birds – Seated Contemplation” in Fukui is a permanent digital art installation by teamLab located at Eibo-kan.

This immersive work allows visitors to experience the beautiful and mysterious movement of a flock of birds that react to the presence of people within the space.

As visitors move through the installation, the paths of the illuminated birds shift, creating dynamic patterns of light that trace their flight through the air.

The installation aims to explore the relationship between the natural world and human presence, emphasizing the influence we have on nature’s processes and movements.

The interactive nature of “The Way of Birds” encourages a contemplative state, inviting visitors to sit and observe as the birds move around them, avoiding collisions and creating a serene, meditative environment.

This artwork is part of teamLab’s broader efforts to integrate art, technology, and nature, providing a space where visitors can reflect on the connections between these elements.

The experience is designed to be not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking, prompting considerations of coexistence and the impact of human actions on the environment.

teamLab Gallery Matama Beach(Oita)

teamLab Gallery Matama Beach, set on the Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita, hosts the permanent exhibition “Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – Kunisaki Peninsula.”

This immersive digital installation is characterized by an endlessly changing visual display of flowers that grow, blossom, and eventually decay along the walls of a walkway.

This transformative experience is directly influenced by visitor interactions; the flowers respond to human touch, coming to life or fading away based on the proximity and movement of viewers.

The artwork dynamically evolves, never replicating its visual display, thereby creating a unique encounter each time it is viewed. This installation explores themes of transience, the impermanence of life, and the delicate balance between human influence and natural processes.

Do I need a reservation to visit the teamLab exhibition? What should I know before going?

Advance reservations are recommended for visitors to teamLab exhibitions, including international visitors.

Especially for popular exhibitions, purchasing tickets online in advance is a reliable way to ensure that tickets will be available on the day of the exhibition, as they are sometimes sold out on the day of the exhibition.

Tickets can be purchased through the official teamLab website or travel booking sites. Credit cards, Alipay, and other payment methods can be used for international reservations, and a QR code is generally sent by e-mail after purchase. Visitors can enter the exhibition by presenting this QR code at the exhibition site.

Before visiting, it is important to choose clothing that is easy to move in, as the nature of the exhibition may require visitors to be barefoot.

Also, since many areas in the museum are dark, brightly colored clothing will help visitors feel more at one with the artwork. Since it is inconvenient to carry large items inside the museum, visitors are encouraged to use lockers.

Furthermore, some exhibits may come in contact with water, so please consider wearing clothes that can get wet and bringing a change of clothes.

For safety reasons, eating, drinking, and smoking are not permitted in the exhibition space, and visitors are not permitted to enter if they are not feeling well or intoxicated.

In addition, some works may use strong light or loud noises, so care should be taken if you are sensitive to light or if you are visiting with small children. Some areas of the exhibition make extensive use of mirrored surfaces, and it is advisable to dress appropriately if you are wearing skirts or wide-legged trousers, as your underwear may be reflected in them.

The exhibits at teamLab are interactive digital art exhibits and are intended to allow visitors to become one with the artwork. Therefore, some exhibits may require visitors to be physically active.

By wearing clothing that allows for physical activity and understanding the nature of the exhibit in advance, visitors will be able to have a more in-depth experience. teamLab’s exhibits are best experienced through participation and experience, not just by looking at them.

The Goal of teamLab

Toshiyuki Inoko, the founder of TeamLab, emphasizes the importance of extending the concept of beauty and the awareness of continuity in terms of what TeamLab aims to achieve. His talk reveals the following points.

The Goal of teamLab

Inoko emphasizes that individual perceptions and sensations of beauty are subjective and difficult to explain. Nevertheless, he believes it is important to create new concepts of beauty through art to broaden people’s values and perceptions.

He states that art provides a means of stimulating and extending the scope of people’s sense of beauty, thereby deepening their understanding of individual beauty.

Specifically, through the work of TeamLab, we aim to raise awareness of the reality of matter and the continuity of time.

For example, TeamLab’s exhibits include a permanent collection of digitally enhanced works that demonstrate new aspects of beauty through interaction with the audience. By participating as part of the works, the audience is given the opportunity to reconsider their own sense of beauty.

In addition, Inoko believes it is important to explore the concept of a world without boundaries and continuity. He hopes that Team Lab’s work will transcend boundaries and highlight continuity, allowing the audience to gain new perspectives on beauty.

He believes that this approach will help people understand the relevance and continuity of things, which in turn will lead to an expanded concept of beauty.

Inoko’s goal is to influence people around the world through TeamLab’s work to bring meaningful change to humanity and the world. The artworks and events that TeamLab has developed to date reflect an expanded concept of beauty and an awareness of continuity, and will continue to develop based on these principles.

He aims to spread the diversity of the concept of beauty and help people embrace new values of beauty through the exhibition of his work and activities around the world.

Japan is full of beautiful things

What did you think of teamLab’s cutting-edge art that makes full use of technology?

Japan is full of such cutting-edge contemporary art as well as temples and shrines that cherish the good old culture and cuisine that is particular about appearance and taste.

These particular kinds of beauty are enjoyed by many tourists.

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