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Tokyo pick-up spots and pick-up techniques Tokyo pick-up spots and pick-up techniques

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Today, I’ll tell you about pick-up spots in Tokyo and effective pick-up techniques for those looking to meet women. You can meet your ideal woman if you read this!

Tokyo Pick-up Spot (1)
Ginza “300BAR”, a standing bar where women gather

The first popular Tokyo pick-up spot these days is Ginza 300BAR. This is where people who have finished work from the surrounding office area come to drink, mainly on weekdays.

The average age is around the early 30s, although it may vary depending on the day. The advantage of this spot is that it is an open space with a standing bar, so it is straightforward to talk to women at close range when it is crowded.

To succeed in picking up women here, wear a suit. Since this is an office district, you will be competing against office workers, and it is easier to act if you assimilate with your surroundings in a suit.

Once you find your target, make contact with them gentlemanly and only make small talk; if they are an office worker, they will want to relieve work stress, so listen carefully to what you have to say. If you do this, they will gradually open up to you, and your pick-up attempt will be a success.

For more information, click here …300BAR

Tokyo Pick-up Spot (2)
Omotesando Avenue for getting married women

Omotesando Street is one of the busiest shopping streets in Japan. Here you will find many stores selling women’s clothing and restaurants that are popular with women. As you will see when you go there, there are a lot of women.

What is even better about Omotesando is that there are rich married women with a lot of free time. At first glance, it looks like only people enjoy shopping, but in fact, they are mixed in among them. If you look closely, you can see them walking around town with their brand-name store bags down, entering cafes, and leaving and entering clothing stores.

These women are often wealthy madams. Their husbands are busy with work and have money but need more time for their spouses. If you find a woman who looks like that, talk to her boldly. Never be vulgar, but be a gentleman. If they are looking for stimulation, they will bite. If you don’t get a pulse, don’t persist and move on to the next spot immediately.

Tokyo Pick-up Spot (3)
High success rate, T2 Shibuya

The next pick-up spot is Club T2 in Shibuya. While the club industry is in decline, this club is thriving. The age range is young, in their early twenties, and once inside, quite a few people drink and enjoy the music. You will be surprised at the number of drunken girls late at night.

The girls who come here are less cautious due to their young age, so you may quickly get a hit if you pick up a girl. The critical pick-up technique is to find a moderately drunk girl and buy her a drink.

The best time to start is when you buy alcohol together and stand in line. Ensure you entertain them so they don’t run away as soon as you buy the drinks, and once you’ve had two or three drinks with them, you’re on your way.

For more information, click here …T2 Shibuya.

Tokyo Pick-up Spot (4)
Ebisu Yokocho for women in trouble

Ebisu Yokocho is a very crowded place with many restaurants and bars. The age range here is vast, from late 20s to mid-30s. The key to success in this downtown area is to target female office workers who have missed the last train on Fridays.

There are many advantages to picking up women on Fridays, so that I will explain them individually.

First, there are more people on Fridays, which increases the probability of success in picking up women. Secondly, many people have the next day off on Fridays, so there is more time to move on to the next activity after picking up women. And significantly, people drinking are psychologically relaxed on Fridays, so they are more likely to be caught in a pick-up game.

With this in mind, aim for women who may have missed the last train and are in trouble late at night on Fridays. If you tell her that you missed the previous train, too, you will feel a sense of camaraderie and be able to have a drink together. Once you get to know each other well, you can move to a place where you can rest and enjoy your time together, which will be a perfect pick-up success.

Tokyo Pick-up Spot (5)
Shibuya, a Mecca for pick-up

Shibuya is the first place on the list for picking up girls. Shibuya is full of young people every day and night, making it a very convenient place to pick up women. There is a term called “reverse pick-up waiting” in Shibuya, and it is so commonplace that you may even get picked up in the middle of your pick-up game.

The two most likely spots for successful pick-up in Shibuya are the clubs and the streets.

If you want to talk to someone on the street in Shibuya, the best place is in front of TUTAYA at the scramble crossing.

This is only at night, but people who are about to leave are not likely to be there, so you should aim at people who are in front of TUTAYA or who have passed through there and talk to them.

The most common people I met here were those who had not had enough to drink after a party, failed to go on a blind date, or wondered where to go. These three were the overwhelming majority. In other words, I found these people and asked them if they would like to drink until the last train. This is the only way to pick up women in Tokyo successfully.

Tokyo Pickup Spots (6)
Around Universities

The next pick-up spot is around universities. I have had great success at this spot and have perfect memories. It is hard to know where to go near a university, isn’t it?

I will now explain in detail.

I said “around the university” roughly, but there are three typical spots: a station near the university, an izakaya where university students gather, and the university grounds. For the station near the university, targeting students who have finished school in the evening would be more efficient.

At taverns, aim for groups of girls only, and try to create a mature atmosphere to get them to the point of having a drink together. Anyone can enter the university grounds, so you should talk to people in the cafeteria and smoking areas. It is essential to be natural and not go too deep because if you do it too flamboyantly, it could become a problem.

A straightforward way to successfully pick up college students is to show them your financial resources and experience. Simply mentioning your adult charms, such as buying them a drink or taking them somewhere in your car, will be an easy success.

Tokyo Pick-up Spot (7)
Ginza Corridor Street, an unexpected spot

Ginza Corridor Street is a different pick-up spot with a different approach. It is aimed at women who are coming to be picked up. In this district, many people with money, such as rich people from major corporations and foreign company presidents. Women looking for a chance to marry a wealthy man are often out drinking to be picked up.

But it is still too early to think that it does not matter to me since I am not rich. If you don’t have money, they won’t bite, but the rich don’t actually show their money.

They are bitten by women who think they have money based on their occupation, appearance, aura, and self-reported annual income. In other words, lying is also a way to get laid. You too can create a fictitious self and become the one who is popular in this spot. Then, women will be attracted to you, and you will be able to pick up women quickly and successfully.

Tokyo Pick-up Spot (8)
Shinjuku Station area for U25

The area around Shinjuku Station is a great place to pick up girls because of the many commercial facilities that young women like to visit. Because U25 girls are less cautious about picking up women, it is often surprisingly easy to succeed.

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