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3 Best Soaplands in Tokyo! Usage Guide and Tips

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Have you ever heard of soapland? It is one of the forms of adult entertainment in Tokyo and all over Japan. It is a sex industry that is not so well known abroad.

Actually, it is not exactly a sex industry, but a bath house. As a store, it is a mixed bathing bathhouse that offers a bathhouse, and what takes place in it is a setting of free love. Therefore, it is also known as a “special bathhouse” or “private sauna.

It is a unique Japanese custom, so please try to use it when you visit Japan. In this article, we will introduce the process of using soapland and 10 recommended soaplands in Tokyo.

What Is Soapland?

Soapland is a type of sex establishment unique to Japan, a “storefront sex establishment” that actually operates a store. Legally, it is a place where services are provided to customers of the opposite sex in a private bathhouse.

Soapland is characterized by the fact that it is equipped with a private bathhouse, where a woman provides a service of washing the customer’s body. This is ideal for men who want to relieve their daily stress because, unlike other brothels, they can relieve their fatigue in the bathtub.

What Is Soapland?

Female employees working in soapland are called “soap girls,” and are also called “companions,” “awahime” or “hime. Soap mistresses’ main job is to serve customers, but they are also responsible for cleaning private rooms and maintaining equipment.

In many cases, soap operators are not officially employees, but contract with the establishment as “sole proprietors,” so they generally provide their own drinks, cigarettes, and other consumables that are set up in the establishment.


Soapland is limited in the areas in which it can operate throughout Japan, and multiple soap parlors often come together to form a “soap town.

Typical areas include Yoshiwara in Tokyo, Susukino in Hokkaido, Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture, Fukuhara in Hyogo Prefecture, Nakasu in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kanazien in Gifu Prefecture, and Yugoto in Shiga Prefecture.

A wide variety of soaplands exist in these areas, and users can choose the establishment that best suits their taste and budget.

Soapland is a part of Japanese adult entertainment culture, and its unique services and high level of hospitality make it an extraordinary place of relaxation for many men.

History of Soapland

The history of soaplands in Japan began after World War II. In the late 1940s, they emerged as “Turkish baths,” initially inspired by public bathhouses called “hamams.” During the chaotic post-war period, there was a high demand for places where men could relax, leading to the rapid spread of Turkish baths.

From the 1960s to the 1970s, Turkish baths expanded nationwide and became common in many cities. However, in 1984, due to protests from Turkish exchange students, the name was changed to “soapland.” This change marked a significant turning point for the industry, and the new name quickly became widely accepted.

History of Soapland

Since the 1980s, amendments to the adult entertainment laws and stricter regulations have made it more challenging for soaplands to operate. Despite these hurdles, soaplands have continued to serve as places of relaxation for many men. They remain a significant part of Japan’s adult entertainment culture, carrying their unique history into the present day.

How To Use Soapland

f it’s your first time visiting a soapland, you might feel nervous. Here is an easy-to-understand guide on how to use a soapland. The general process is as follows:

Find the soapland you would love to visit

First, find out which soapland store you will be using. Soaplands often operate in clusters in specific areas, which are called “soap towns. Yoshihara in Tokyo, Susukino in Hokkaido, and Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture are well-known examples. There are four important factors to consider when researching: budget, location, course content, and soap operators.

There is a wide range of soapland establishments, from budget to high-end. Choose the one that fits your budget. At high-class establishments, more luxurious services and experienced soap operators await you, but the cost will be higher. It is also important to choose a soap parlor with good accessibility. Consider the distance from the hotel where you are staying and how accessible it is by public transportation.

Each establishment offers a variety of courses. The basic course includes body washing, bathing, massage, and bed play, but some services can be added as options. It is a good idea to think about what kind of services you would like in advance.

In addition, check the profiles and reviews of the soap operators and choose a woman who matches your preferences. Many establishments post photos and introductions of their soap operators on their websites.

Most sites are in Japanese, but you can easily translate and view websites using Google’s translate function.

Make a reservation

Once you have decided on a restaurant to use, the next step is to make a reservation. Reservations can be made by phone or online, but phone reservations are most common.

If you are not confident in your Japanese, it is recommended that you look for a store that offers English-speaking service. When making a reservation, you should inform them of the date and time of your visit, the course you would like to take, and the soap therapist you would like to nominate.

When making a reservation, be sure to confirm the total cost. Soapland fees are divided into bathing and service fees, but sometimes only the bathing fee is listed on the website. Check the total amount when you make a reservation and make sure it does not exceed your budget.

When making a reservation, give your name and phone number. A false name is acceptable, but a phone number is necessary for contact purposes. After completing the reservation, you may receive an e-mail or phone call to confirm your reservation, so be sure to provide accurate information.

For popular soap operators and busy seasons, it is best to make reservations early. Generally, it is best to make reservations a week in advance or the day before. Since your desired date and time may be booked, it is best to have several potential dates ready to make a reservation to ensure a smooth process.

Go to the soapland and check-in

On the day of your appointment, call the store to confirm your reservation in advance. This is important to reconfirm and finalize your reservation. Call the store on the day of your reservation or the day before and let them know you will be there as scheduled. Before you leave, have cash ready for the total amount, clean clothes, and be sure to take care of any odors.

Arrive at the store a little earlier than your appointment time. It is a good idea to check the directions on a map application or the like beforehand, as you may get lost at the location for the first time.

When you arrive at the store, first confirm the details of your reservation at the reception counter and pay the fee. Since cash is the only form of payment, it is a good idea to check in advance whether or not credit cards are accepted. After paying the fee, the staff will guide you to the waiting room.

Wait in the waiting room

Once you have been accepted, you will wait in the waiting room. The waiting room is equipped with amenities such as nail clippers and mouthwash for a final grooming check. There are also comic books and magazines to help you relax and wait.

soapland waiting room

While waiting, it is a good idea to check your etiquette for soap operators, such as trimming your nails and taking care of your bad breath. Also, make sure you have finished using the restroom so that you do not have to go to the bathroom during play and can enjoy a smooth experience.

While you are waiting, relax until a staff member comes to show you around. Although it can be nerve-wracking the first time you visit, the atmosphere in the waiting room is calm and relaxing.

Meet the soapland lady

You will be guided by a staff member, and finally meet the soap lady. You may meet her in her room, or she may meet you on the stairs or in the hallway. When you meet the soap operators, do not be nervous, but be relaxed.

Exchange a brief greeting, and then move to your room holding hands or holding arms. In upscale establishments, the soap operators are more attentive to your needs and you will feel more relaxed.

Meet the soapland lady

During the chatting, it is also important to let them know what you are playing and what you want. If you let them know what kind of service you expect and the points where you want to relax, you will have a more satisfying time.

Many girls do not speak English, so it is a good idea to learn simple Japanese.

Undress and get a body wash

Once the bathtub is filled with hot water, you undress and receive a body washing service. In some cases, the soap girl will carefully remove your clothes, while in others, you will undress yourself. During the body wash, you will be carefully washed all over your body using lather.

Undress and get a body wash

Soap girls use foam to wash your body. A body wash with plenty of lather is very relaxing and a great way to relieve daily stress. Enjoy conversation and relax during the body wash.

It is important to relax during the body wash and let the soap girl take care of you. Let the soap girl take care of the procedure and movements of the body wash, and enjoy the relaxing time. Soap mistresses are professionals, so you can leave it to them even if it is your first time.

Take a bath with the soapland lady

After the body wash, you will soak in the bathtub with the soapland lady. Bathing together provides a more relaxed time. During the bath, you can enjoy light conversation and physical contact with the lady. The warmth of the water creates an even more relaxing atmosphere.

The goal of bathing is to relax your body. There’s no need to force the conversation; just enjoy the natural flow of the chat. Additionally, while feeling the relaxation of your body during the bath, you can heighten your anticipation for the next step.

Bathtub Play

After soaking in the bath, you can enjoy bathtub play.

In this step, you engage in close contact and play with bubbles alongside the soapland lady. You can cuddle like a couple and enjoy intimate time together. Bathtub play offers a relaxing yet exciting experience.

Bathtub Play

To fully enjoy this time, it’s essential to relax and savor the interaction with the soapland lady. There’s no need to force active movements; just go with the natural flow. The soapland lady is a professional and will lead the experience.

Mattress Play

Following the bathtub play, you move on to mattress play. You lie down on a mattress, and the soapland lady will use lotion to massage your entire body. This passive play allows you to enjoy both relaxation and pleasure simultaneously.

Lying on a mat placed in the bathroom, the soapland lady massages you using lotion. The smooth sensation of the lotion helps to relax your body and provides a pleasant experience.

This play allows you to enjoy an exciting time while remaining relaxed. Let yourself be guided by the soapland lady’s movements and enjoy the play in a relaxed state. The smooth sensation of the lotion enhances the pleasure.

Exiting the Bath and Leaving the Shop

Once the bathtub and mat play are over, it’s time to get out of the bath. The soapland lady will help you dry off and assist with your clothing. Finally, you prepare to leave after cleaning yourself.

The soapland lady will dry your body with a towel and may help dry your hair. As a conclusion to your relaxing time, she ensures that you are clean.

Spend this time relaxing and enjoying the conversation with the soapland lady, savoring the afterglow of the play. Once you are clean, put on your clothes and get ready to leave.

Before leaving, you may receive a business card from the soapland lady, which can be useful for contacting her for future visits. After receiving the card, a staff member will guide you out of the shop.

If the shop offers a free shuttle service to the nearest station, feel free to use it for a more comfortable departure.

Five Representative Activities to Enjoy at a Soapland

At a soapland, you can enjoy various activities such as mat play, tawashi wash, chair play, periscope, and tsubo wash. Below are explanations of each.

The Iconic “Mattress Play” of Soaplands

When you visit a soapland, you’ll find an “air mat,” a vinyl mat filled with air, similar in size to a single bed. The mat has a slippery texture.

Here, the man lies naked, and both he and the soapland lady apply lotion all over their bodies. The lady then slides her body against the man’s, stimulating him. This is known as “mat play.”

For first-timers, it is highly recommended to fully enjoy this mat play. It’s a very pleasurable way to enjoy the lady’s body. The slippery lotion allows for close contact, letting you directly experience the softness of her breasts.

The Iconic "Mattress Play" of Soaplands

Additionally, stimulating the man’s entire body with the lady’s breasts is called “breast wash,” and using the tongue to lick and stimulate the entire body is called “lick wash.” These are specific terms used in soaplands, so it’s good to remember them.

The Soft Touch of “Tawashi Wash”

“Tawashi wash” is another distinctive activity at soaplands. Often combined with mat play, the lady uses her pubic hair to scrub the man’s arms or legs. While breasts feel great, being washed with the lady’s “tawashi (pubic hair)” is also very pleasurable.

Unlike regular tawashi, which is hard, soapland tawashi is very soft and addictive.

More Than Just a Chair: “Chair Play”

In the rooms where soapland activities take place, you’ll also find chairs. These aren’t ordinary chairs; there are two main types known as “pervert chairs” and “through chairs.”

Both are for the man to sit on, allowing the lady to perform a variety of services more effectively.

More Than Just a Chair: "Chair Play"

The pervert chair is shaped like a concave seat, creating a hollow space under the man’s crotch. The lady can insert her hand through this space, making it easier to stimulate the entire crotch area.

The other type, the through chair, has a hollow space under the seat large enough for the lady’s body to pass through, allowing her to lick and stimulate the man’s balls or anus from underneath.

These chairs allow for more diverse stimulation, making it possible to enjoy both the front and back of the crotch, which is unique to soaplands.

Enjoying the Bathtub: “Periscope”

Soaplands have bathtubs where you can enjoy being washed by the lady. Another activity to try is the “periscope.”

When in the bathtub with the lady, most men will become aroused. The erect penis rises above the water surface, and the lady performs oral sex on it, known as the periscope.

This activity’s name comes from its resemblance to a submarine periscope peeking above the water surface.

Deep Enjoyment with “Tsubo Wash”

In a soapland, the lady can perform “tsubo wash,” which involves the man’s fingers being inserted into the lady’s vagina, one by one, and being squeezed and stimulated. This wash refers to the vagina.

It’s a reverse pattern of the usual finger insertion by the man. The lady carefully washes each finger with her vagina, which is very pleasurable. Sometimes, the penis is also given a tsubo wash.

The main purpose of tsubo wash is to clean, so the insertion time is short, unlike sex. However, it is still very enjoyable.

One thing to keep in mind is to keep your nails clean. Dirty nails may make the lady reluctant to insert the man’s fingers into her vagina. So, to fully enjoy the experience, ensure your nails are clean.

These are the five distinctive activities you can enjoy at a soapland. Each is very pleasurable, so be sure to indulge yourself.

Areas with a High Concentration of Soaplands in Tokyo

Areas with a High Concentration of Soaplands in Tokyo

Soaplands operate in various parts of Tokyo. Here, we’ll introduce areas with a particularly large number of establishments, offering many choices.

The higher the number of soaplands, the more competitive the environment, increasing the chances of encountering excellent service and attractive ladies.



Ikebukuro is one of Japan’s premier entertainment districts, boasting large commercial facilities and numerous restaurants. Ikebukuro Station is highly convenient and known for having one of the highest numbers of users worldwide.

The soaplands in Ikebukuro are concentrated on the north side of the station. The area offers a wide variety of establishments with different concepts, such as amateur, mature, schoolgirl, and big-breasted themes. Some long-established shops have been loved for decades.



Shinjuku is a central city in Japan, featuring museums, theaters, large parks, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Shinjuku Station is the busiest station in the world, teeming with tourists and businesspeople.

In Shinjuku, you’ll find Kabukicho, Japan’s largest adult entertainment district and one of the country’s three major nightlife areas. Kabukicho is filled with entertainment facilities and restaurants, and its bright lights keep the area lively even at night.

With a wide range of adult entertainment services available, you won’t have trouble finding what you’re looking for. The area also has many love hotels, making it convenient for using outcall services.

Shinjuku also features unique concept stores not found elsewhere. For instance, there are establishments where you can experience being a manager, interviewing and training the ladies, or places where the ladies don’t speak at all, mimicking robots.


Located in Taito Ward, Yoshiwara is Japan’s largest soapland district. The Yoshiwara red-light district, which existed in this area, is widely known across Japan, having been featured in various media.

With over 100 soaplands, Yoshiwara offers a wide range of prices, from budget-friendly options to high-end, prestigious establishments. It’s an area where you can enjoy soapland experiences to the fullest.

Yoshiwara is also home to some of Japan’s top three soaplands, where you can experience the highest level of hospitality. Many soaplands here have luxurious exteriors, resembling castles or Western buildings. The glamorous streets provide a sense of being in a different world.



Uguisudani, located in the northwest part of Taito Ward, is known for having the fewest passengers on the Yamanote Line at Uguisudani Station. While Uguisudani is seen as a quiet and peaceful area, it is also known for having many adult entertainment establishments.

The area is particularly known for establishments catering to those who prefer mature or married women. Some ladies are even in their 70s or 80s, making it a paradise for true mature woman enthusiasts.

There are also many niche concept stores, including those catering to fetishes such as menstruation, pregnancy, and troubled women. If you have unique preferences, Uguisudani might have just the place for you.



Kinshicho, located in Sumida Ward near Chiba Prefecture, is an entertainment district with large commercial facilities, betting shops, and numerous recreational facilities and bars.

Around the station, there are many love hotels, and most of the adult entertainment establishments are outcall services. However, the abundance of establishments means you’re likely to find a service or lady that suits your preferences.

While some may have a negative image of Kinshicho due to its entertainment scene, it’s an excellent area for men looking to have fun.


Gotanda, known as a business district, is also one of Tokyo’s top adult entertainment areas. The east side of Gotanda Station has a love hotel district, making it convenient for using outcall services.

Gotanda is also known for having many niche concept stores, making it an exciting area for those interested in exploring unique and deviant plays. Be sure to research the adult entertainment establishments in the area and try out new experiences you haven’t encountered before!

Top 3 Recommended Soaplands in Tokyo

Here are ten soaplands in Tokyo that come highly recommended for their exceptional service, attractive ladies, and unique experiences.


Recommended Soaplands in Tokyo: LUPINUS
AgeEarly 20s
Open hour11:00-24:00
Price4-41-14 Senzoku, Taito City, Tokyo

Lupinus is a high-end soapland in Yoshiwara, Tokyo, that actively hires amateur girls. While you can’t expect professional-level techniques without mattress play, you can enjoy time with soapland ladies who are exceptionally cute and rarely seen in Tokyo’s soaplands.

The interior features a large horizontal aquarium in the hallway and twelve spacious chairs in the waiting room, making it one of the most spacious and luxurious establishments in Tokyo. Many of Tokyo’s soaplands are quite small, so if you want to experience a sense of luxury, this high-end soapland is highly recommended.

🥈 Cospara

Recommended Soaplands in Tokyo: Cospara
AgeEarly 20s
Open hour10:00-24:00
Price4-32-3 Senzoku, Taito City, Tokyo

If you want to play with young girls in Tokyo’s soaps, “Cospara” is the place for you. It is a Yoshiwara school-style soap where you can play with girls in school uniform cosplay costumes, and you can enjoy lovey-dovey play with black-haired lolitas and cute soap girls under 165cm tall.

The price is 19,900 yen for 50 minutes in total, and since the cosplay fee is automatically added, the lowest price is 20,000 yen in real terms. The disadvantage is that the price is a little high compared to the market price of budget soaps in Tokyo, but there is no nomination fee, and the merit is greater because the value of the service is commensurate with the price.

🥉 Alice Cafe

Recommended Soaplands in Tokyo: Alice Cafe
AgeEarly 20s
Open hour10:00-24:00
Price4-32-3 Senzoku, Taito City, Tokyo

Alice Cafe” is a recommended soapland affiliated with “Cospara” introduced at No. 2 in the ranking. Like its affiliate, it is a budget cosplay soap in Yoshiwara, Tokyo, but this one specializes in maid suits and offers naughty play with young and cute maids.

The rooms are as clean as or even cleaner than those at high-class establishments, partly because the building was originally a high-class soap building and partly because it has been fully renovated by a designer of love hotels. The male staffs are also courteous, so we can recommend this Tokyo soapland to beginners who are not so familiar with the sex industry.

Enjoy Soaplands in Tokyo! Tips for Creating Great Memories

How was it? We explained the flow of services at Soaplands so that even first-time visitors can use them comfortably. If you’re visiting Tokyo, why don’t you try a Soapland experience at least once. It will surely be a memorable experience.

For those of you who are very particular about the girls and want a top-notch experience, we recommend Aoyama Vergue. Please contact us for more information. We are here to help you create the best memories in Tokyo.

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