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Do you know that there are 10 kinds of sex services in Japan?

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Sexual entertainment is something you want to experience at least once when you come to Japan. In fact, there are various kinds of sex services in Japan.

The services you can receive are also different. There are also rare services that can only be found in Japan. There is also the latest type of sex service using VR and so on.

In order to enjoy the nightlife in Japan, we have summarized what kind of services are available and how much you can spend for them.

About 10 representative industries of the Japanese sex industry

Escorts Service(Deliheru)

Deliheru is a non-store type of adult entertainment business that is becoming mainstream in today’s adult entertainment industry.

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The official name is “delivery health,” and cast members are dispatched to a customer’s home or love hotel upon receiving a request over the phone.

Cast members provide health services such as kissing, fellatio, full-body licking, and bareback sex.

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Call girl business(Hoteheru)

Hoteheru is an abbreviation for “hotel health,” in which cast members provide services to customers at love hotels.

As a category, it is included in the “non-store type,” but unlike “deli-heru,” it is characterized by having a “store for reception”.

When a customer uses Hoteheru, he goes to the reception desk at the store and then moves to the hotel. It is common for customers to move to the hotel together with the cast members.

On the other hand, there is also a type of hotel service where only the customer moves to the hotel first, and the cast enters the room after the customer contacts the store from his hotel room.

The service is the same as in deli-heru, and includes health play.

Fashion Health

Fashion Health is a sex establishment sometimes referred to as “box health”. It is literally categorized as a “storefront” (the “box” in “box-type health” means a store).

It has a reception area, a waiting room, and a private room where a cast member can be alone with a customer, and the cast member provides services to the customer in the private room.

The basic service is same as deli-heru.


Soapland is a storefront sex establishment.
Like fashion health clubs, cast members provide services to customers in private rooms in the store.

Soapland is sometimes referred to as a “special bathhouse,” and as the name implies, the private room contains a bed as well as a bathroom space.

Soapland is characterized by the fact that sexual services are provided in the bathroom space while assisting the customer in taking a bath.
In particular, “mat play,” in which warmed lotion is used on an air mat placed on the floor of the bathroom space, is highly popular.

Incidentally, areas such as Yoshiwara in Tokyo, Fukuhara in Kobe, Yugoto in Shiga, and Nakasu in Fukuoka are called “soap towns” because of the high concentration of soapland establishments, and are well known among male fans of the sex industry.

Masturbation club

Masturbation club is an abbreviation for “masturbation club.

The basic concept is “a sex club for male customers who want to be seen masturbating,” and the cast members observe the customers masturbating.

In many stores, cast members also offer services such as hand jobs to help male customers masturbate.

Some masturbation clubs operate in a storefront format, but many stores now operate in a non-storefront format.

Sexual esthetic salon

Aroma oil massage is the main service, and sexual hand service (hand job) is added to it.

Since the services are not hard, it can be said that it is a kind of “soft-type sex industry” along with onakura (masturbation club).

Like masturbation clubs, sex esthetic salons can be found in urban areas, but nationwide, most of them are non-store type salons.


Imekura is an abbreviation for “image club. The cast members wear “school uniforms,” “nurse uniforms,” etc., and the basic service content is to play according to the “image (fantasy)” of the men.

For example, customers who want to enjoy playing the role of a school teacher and a female student, or a patient and a nurse.

In the past, it was common to have a store like a fashion health club, but nowadays, many “Imekura” have a store for receptionists, similar to a hotelier.

SM Club

SM clubs are adult entertainment establishments that offer “SM play.
The club has cast members with specialized knowledge and skills in SM, and is used by customers who want to be blamed by Mistress S (Mistress S) or who want to blame Mistress M (Mistress M).

In SM play, special equipment such as candles that are not hot when wax is dropped on them, rose whips that do not hurt when struck, and ropes for bondage are used. It is the job of the male staff to manage these equipment.

Incidentally, SM clubs used to be mainly storefront establishments, but today many of them are non-storefront establishments.


Pinsaro is a storefront sex establishment, officially known as a “pink salon.

There are no private rooms in the salon, but rather a large floor lined with sofa seats, which are separated from both sides by partitions or ornamental plants. Cast members go to customers seated on the sofas and provide services.

The service is characterized by inexpensive rates, such as “3,000 yen for 20 minutes,” and is highly popular as a casually accessible adult entertainment service.

Sex Cabaret Club

A sekkaba is a storefront establishment, officially known as a “sexy cabaret club”.

The store is structured like a pin salon, and customers can enjoy the services of a cast member seated next to them.

However, sex cabarets are not strictly speaking adult entertainment establishments, but are positioned as “a type of cabaret club.
The service includes only kissing and upper body touching, and there is no ejaculation service.

What should I pay attention to when playing in a Japanese brothel?

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Here are some specific tips for first-time visitors to the Japanese sex industry. Since you are going to pay money to enjoy the sex industry, you do not want to make a mistake.

First of all, let’s look at the tips for avoiding failure, starting with the very first point, the selection of a “store”.

It is recommended to start with a normal store.

If you want bed play, you will probably go to a soap or health club, and if not, you will probably go to a pinsaro. However, choosing your first store does not end there. There are also stores that have an image of a married woman, or that push uniform cosplay, or even SM stores, so you can choose as many as you want.

Among them, we recommend normal places for your first time in the sex industry. If you choose a very normal store, rather than a store where niche interests are on full display, you will be able to easily understand the basic store system and atmosphere even if it is your first time.

Avoid very inexpensive stores.

You may hesitate to spend a lot of money at your first time in the sex industry. You may not know yet whether it is worth paying a lot of money or not, so you may want to choose a reasonably priced store first.

However, if the store sells “very cheap” too much, you may not be able to understand the goodness of the sex service. Since the very cheap price means that the woman receives a small commission, it is inevitable that there is a pattern of unsatisfactory customer service and professionalism.

To use an analogy, it is the same as the difference between a high-class French restaurant and a family restaurant in the way they put effort into customer service. Since sex industry is a service industry, it is not too much to say that the motivation of the working women directly affects the level of service.

If it is your first time, look at sex industry information sites.

If you do not want to make a mistake in your first experience in the sex industry, it is important not to choose a store at random. Even if you go to a place that you found by searching the name of the area and the type of business, you will not know whether it is suitable for you or not.

If possible, it is better to find a store that you “want to try here” from among several candidates.

The best way to do so is to access a sex industry information site. You can also look at “Shame Diary” in which working women greet you in the form of a blog, which is useful as a tool to find women of your liking.

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Stores where you can do the kind of play you want to do

Even if it is your first time, if you know what you are looking for in a sex shop, choose a store that suits your propensities. For example, if you want to do SM play, you cannot ask for that service in a normal store.

If you have a clear idea of what you want to play, it is important to choose a store that suits your needs.

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